The nonprofit arm, the Jackson Charitable Foundation, is investing $3 million in educational efforts. The foundation will work with organizations such as Discovery Education and Junior Achievement to promote the idea that Americans have to prepare for the future.

Jackson is a Lansing, Michigan-based unit of Prudential PLC. It’s a leader in the U.S. annuity market.

Jackson’s foundation is now helping Discovery Education bring the Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids video series to the United States.

The cartoons in the series teach children ages 7 to 12 how to make decisions about money. Broadcast and cable television channels are already beaming the videos into 34 million households in Asia every day.

Discovery Education will use Jackson Charitable Education support to get Cha-Ching videos into U.S. elementary school classrooms, Jackson says.

The children in U.S. elementary schools now were born from 2005 through 2010. They are members of the generation that came after the millennial generation. Demographers sometimes call that generation “Generation Z,” or the “iGeneration.”

The oldest members in that generation were born around 1996 and are now 21.