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lawrence barredo

He is more-than-meets the eye! 

Lawrence, Annuity Intel Whisperer, is the most recent home office Competitive Intelligence (CI) rescue at Wink. Wink’s offices now span from coast-to-coast, and this researcher with the most will dazzle you with stunning research and analysis while kicking your tail at foosball. He brings the organization’s combined experience in CI to more than a century, and once moved from sunny L.A. to Colorado in the 2003 STORM of the century. This Certified Fund Specialist is ready to take-on new distributions and make them love Wink. Think you can handle this former title insurance junior examiner? Get the scoop here.

  • He is our director for annuity CI
  • He loves cycling: road, mountain trail, gravel, or pretty much anywhere he can pedal himself on!
  • He spent 19 years with the company that is presently the leader in VA sales
  • He is a self-proclaimed “gamer,” but he refuses to play online, against 13-year-olds who beat him mercilessly
  • Like Sheryl J. Moore, he has a love of snowboarding; but he has transitioned to skiing because it is easier-on-the-knees
  • He is the third member of the Wink team that has experience as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement and the fourth member who has experience mentoring children in finance
  • He is the fourth member of the Wink team to use the AnnuitySpecs tool, prior to being employed by Wink
  • He is terrible at poker, fantasy football, and Jeopardy (No Daily Doubles for him!)
  • He used to be in charge of Competitive Intelligence for a company that sells more fixed and variable annuities than another other company in the nation
  • He has illusions of grandeur while enjoying cooking, and aspires to be an Iron Chef
  • He is the second member of the Wink team who used to service orphaned policyholders’ life insurance and annuity contracts
  • He can be found doing karaoke- in private
  • He too understands the lack of students’ enthusiasm while administering Continuing Education programs
  • He hopes to volunteer as a teacher and mentor to impoverished children in retirement 
  • He works remotely from offices in Aurora, Colorado
    He can ride circles around most when it comes to Competitive Intel!
  • He was born in the Philippines, under martial law, and became part of the People Power revolution that ultimately toppled Ferdinand Marcos
  • Like most of the Wink team, he has a passion for paying-it-forward through working with charitable organizations
  • He once temporarily worked in a building with a giant hole in the roof and had to repeatedly evacuate his office as a result of the Northridge, California earthquake
  • He has his Series 6, 63, and 26 licenses, in addition to his Colorado life insurance license
  • He immigrated with his family to the United States the year before Emily Nordyke was born
  • Has expertise in all types of annuities
  • He dreams of riding the cobbles of Roubaix, completing the Dirty Kanza 200, and participating in the Iron Man in Kona
  • He is the fourth person that Sheryl has hired with an established reputation in the competitive intel community

Lawrence’s Words of Inspiration

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys.  –John Keating (Robin Williams)


“Sheryl is an incredible resource. When it comes to indexed products, you won't find anyone who has a better knowledge of the industry. She's extremely insightful and great to work with."

-T. Carter, Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company