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victoria l. peterson

Victoria L. Peterson, a.k.a. Tori, a.k.a. the “Decision Diva.”

Victoria, Chief Everything Officer, was the first employee that Sheryl J. Moore hired to work with her at Wink. She became a member of the Moore family after Sheryl’s then four-year-old son hit on her at her teenage job. Always willing to help a friend, and loyal to no end…Victoria has become an irreplaceable leader at Wink, Inc. Need more juicy gossip on our company’s VP of Operations?

  • She is in charge of the day-to-day operations of Wink
  • She scored uber-high on the Caliper test, which indicated that she has a very unique set of skills
  • She manages the service staff that administers our competitive intelligence tools
  • She loves to volunteer in her free time and is the president of Grandview Little League
  • She oversees:
    • All company accounts
    • Market research projects
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Website quality
    • Accuracy and timeliness of the website and reports
    • Enhancements to products and services
  • She has a pit bull/mastiff mix named Frankie, who has green eyes, and weighs nearly what she does
  • She has been a systems expert on a number of proprietary insurance software platforms
  • She’s a sales girl at heart
    Kicking-butt and taking names!
  • She has managed multiple teams throughout her career, resulting in an embracement of non-traditional, progressive, and collaborative leadership
  • She has a passion for the outdoors, spending her “free” time boating, playing softball, and working in her yard
  • She gained an intimate knowledge of indexed products, sales, distribution, and markets as Wink’s first Marketing & Database Administrator, nearly a decade ago
  • She is probably the only person that can keep Sheryl J. Moore in line!
  • She is a licensed to sell life, health, and annuity products in 25 different states
  • She is a HUGE Kansas City Chiefs fan; if you’re looking for her on a Sunday, you can bet she’s watching football
  • She arranges massages, ball games, lunch outings, and other fun stuff for the staff at Wink
  • She has a mission of leading a meaningful life, guided by her faith, enthusiasm, and her commitment to integrity
  • She strives to ensure that her team provides superior data to Wink’s clientele and prospects
  • She is on the Board of Directors at Grandview Little League in Des Moines, Iowa
  • She graduated with honors with a degree in Business Administration
  • She loves photos, Mexican food, Hillary Swank, shopping, shoes, and anything that is old

Tori’s Words of Inspiration

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. ” -Jimi Hendrix