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emily e. nordyke

They don’t call her the Market Maverick for nothin’!

Emily, Market Maverick, was hired (twice!!) for the job she didn’t actually apply for! Her knowledge of American Sign Language initially impressed the big boss and sealed the deal.  Can’t get enough of Emily? We’ll help you out!

  • She distributes, obtains, and manages all spreadsheets and sales survey templates for Wink’s Sales & Market Report
  • She is contractually bound into *loving* the Packers (perhaps causing riffs with our Chief Everything Officer and VA Ambassador!)
  • She aggregates product information at the close of each quarter and uses it to update Wink’s Sales & Market Report
  • She lived in Iowa, Kansas, California, Wyoming, and Oregon all in an 18-month time span
  • She analyzes reports for pricing anomalies, data-entry mistakes, and other data abnormalities
  • She loves Iowa! *But if she were to live anywhere else- it would be the Pacific Northwest!
  • She is responsible for administering Wink’s sales surveys to life insurance and annuity carriers
  • She quotes movies and song lyrics in nearly every conversation that she has (fellow cinephile to Sheryl J. Moore!!!)
  • She is the woman in charge of the highly requested sales-by-index report
  • She helped establish a non-profit organization geared toward community improvement and is currently serving on the board as Treasurer
  • She fulfills additional ad-hoc market research requests for the life insurance and annuity industries
  • She and her husband bought a camper a few years ago and they go camping at any chance they get!
  • She administers the monthly SPIA survey to annuity carriers
  • She is an avid golfer and enjoys playing volleyball on a regular basis
  • She was crowned Little Miss Iowa in the 1994 pageant, her claim to fame!
  • She attributes her creativity to being left-handed
  • She is married with three amazing children
    Lady in the streets but a freak in the spreadsheets!

Emily’s Words of Inspiration

“Money doesn’t make you rich, life does.” -Mr. Feeney, “Boy Meets World”