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The Basics

Searching high and low for more credible information on annuities and life insurance? Look no further- look to Wink!

  • What in the WORLD is an annuity?!?
  •  Is it true that I can use the value of my life insurance to help pay for major purchases?
  • Why would I need an annuity?
  • I’ve heard of a zillion kinds of annuities; what might be best for me?
  • Life insurance only provides benefits when I die, right?

The Basics is an educational resource on WinkIntel.com, which will teach you about the fundamentals of several types of annuity and life insurance products.

Wink’s got your back!

Our #1 priority is ensuring that you have the tools and information that YOU need to succeed in your search for retirement plan and life insurance solutions.

When you’re done reading The Basics, you will have the foundation for a solid understanding of both types of products. We guarantee it!



"Wink is our go-to-source when we need information on the annuity and life insurance markets. The Wink gang are the best in the industry – hands down."

-A. Grissom, Standard and Poor’s