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When founder Sheryl J. Moore suddenly found herself without a job nearly a decade ago, Wink was born.

Quickly identifying a need that was unmet in the insurance industry, she began developing the AnnuitySpecs tool out of the dining room of her home in Des Moines, Iowa.

After spending endless days working alone into the early hours of the next morning, she realized that she needed to grow her team. Demand for the website was growing and she needed a partner-in-crime. Victoria Grossman quickly stepped up to the plate.

Before they knew it the LifeSpecs tool was developed, and they were presented with the opportunity to buy an established sales report from a former colleague (now, Wink’s Sales & Market Report). The demand for consulting services began to rise, and the team found that they were too big to be housed in a REAL “home” office.

Now in their own brick-and-mortar, with a full staff, an Italian Greyhound, and 125 gallons of salt water critters- Wink has become THE go-to-source for competitive intelligence in the life insurance and annuity industries.

Just WHAT do we do? (Sheryl’s grandmother would say she’s the President of an insurance company. Not quite, but…)

We provide competitive intelligence tools to life insurance and annuity home offices, distributors, sales professionals, and consulting firms.

With 30 years of insurance experience; 125 years of amazing!
We don’t do it with a straight face and a stiff upper-lip; we make insurance AWESOME!

We are committed to the advocacy of the life insurance industry, spending a great deal of our time educating the public, media outlets, regulators, and legislators on life insurance and annuity products, markets, sales, and distribution. After all, if you can’t get these folks in-the-know, “Joe the Plumber” will never get his piece of the awesomeness.

The insurance experts behind-the-scenes at Wink are a close-knit family (not as crazy as a real family), that is united in their passion for life. We have fun. We listen to loud music. We get in-office massages. We do office wide ice cream runs. We go to baseball games and play Guitar Hero. Most importantly, we work hard. (So that you don’t have to!)


"Sheryl’s intuitive insight, knowledge and research has had a tremendous positive impact on our company and the industry."

-S. Magoon, Covenant Reliance Producers