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  • North American and Annexus Continue to Define Industry with Launch of North American Secure Horizon Choice Fixed Index Annuity

    {January 24th, 2023} by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance and Annexus

    North American Secure HorizonSM fixed index annuity suite expanded with new Secure HorizonSM Choice DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — North American Company for Life and Health Insurance® (North American), a member company of Sammons® Financial Group and one of the largest issuers of fixed index annuities (FIAs) in the U.S.,1 has once again joined forces with Annexus, a premier independent […]

    Producers stew as insurers slow to process life and annuity applications

    {January 24th, 2023} by John Hilton

    Sheryl Moore is president and CEO of Moore Market Intelligence and Wink, Inc. She also has an influential social network and posted about the delay issue last week on LinkedIn. The responses flooded in from irritated producers. Speculation on the source of the delays ranged from staffing shortages to technology deficiencies to insurers just caught […]

    NEWS RELEASE: French Named Chair of National Association of Insurance Commissioners Life Insurance and Annuities Committee

    {January 24th, 2023} by Ohio Department of Insurance

    French Named Chair of National Association of Insurance Commissioners Life Insurance and Annuities Committee Ohio Department of Insurance staff selected to 20 NAIC  committee and task force leadership roles  COLUMBUS – Ohio Department of Insurance director Judith L. French was named chair of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Life Insurance and Annuities Committee, highlighting the selection of […]

    The latest in financial #AdvisorTech — January 2023

    {January 24th, 2023} by Michael Kitces

    The January edition of the latest in financial #AdvisorTech kicks off with the news that Envestnet has decided to enter the RIA custodial business through a partnership with Australian bank FNZ to white-label what was once the State Street RIA custodial platform of many years ago — providing Envestnet an opportunity to even more deeply […]

    Wink hosting Virtual Career Fair for February’s Insurance Careers Month

    {January 24th, 2023} by Wink's Intel Pros

    Wink will be supporting the annual Insurance Careers Month during the month of February with a virtual career fair for the life insurance and annuity industry. In the month of February, job openings will be featured in our weekly newsletter and posted on our website.  We will feature job openings of our subscribers in our […]

    Department of Justice opens antitrust investigation of American Equity’s investor

    {January 24th, 2023} by Tyler Jett

    A prominent shareholder of American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. has stepped back from its fight with the West Des Moines insurer amid a federal investigation. In a regulatory filing on Friday, Brookfield Asset Management disclosed that it won’t appoint a new representative to American Equity’s board because Department of Justice investigators are looking into […]

    This is a pretty balanced, educational article!

    {January 24th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

     I was reading Bradley Rosen‘s article in Kiplinger this morning, and thought “this is a pretty balanced, educational article!” I should share it. Click HERE to read Long-Term Investments Require a New Approach Warning: there is kind of an awkward plug for indexed annuities at the end. I wondered why the article didn’t mention other types […]

    AmeriLife Announces Key Organizational Changes on Heels of Strong Growth & Expansion

    {January 24th, 2023} by AmeriLife Group, LLC

    CLEARWATER, Fla. | January 18, 2023 02:50 PM Eastern Standard Time Following three years of record-breaking growth and expansion, AmeriLife Group, LLC (“AmeriLife”) today announced a strategic, organizational restructuring with the creation of two new, distinct distribution groups – Wealth and Health – an evolved structure designed to deliver more focused growth along with the resources needed to continue to grow AmeriLife’s industry-leading […]

    The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Extends Track Record Of Financial Strength

    {January 24th, 2023} by The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

    HORSHAM, Pa., Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (Penn Mutual), a Fortune 1000 company, is proud to continue the company’s storied foundation of financial strength. In 2022, five of the world’s top rating agencies affirmed strong ratings, including recent ratings of AA (Very High Quality) from Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) […]

    Will ChatGPT, artificial intelligence replace financial professionals any time soon?

    {January 24th, 2023} by Steven A. Morelli

    Will artificial intelligence replace financial professionals any time soon?   No. Even ChatGPT says so.   But even artificial intelligence might have a difficult time accurately answering that.  Click HERE to read the full story via INN

    Critics say SECURE 2.0 did little to help the economically insecure

    {January 24th, 2023} by Steven A. Morelli

    As advisors help clients understand the benefits provided by SECURE 2.0, critics are saying that the provisions did little to assist people who actually need retirement help. Retirement savings provisions known as SECURE 2.0 were wrapped into the omnibus spending bill in December. Among the measures, it requires employers with retirement plans to automatically enroll […]

    Insurers (mostly) successful on COVID-19 business interruption lawsuits

    {January 24th, 2023} by John Hilton

    Insurers were mostly victorious in the initial business interruption lawsuits filed in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns that began in March 2020. Those rulings mainly came from federal courts. Now class-action lawsuits are wending their way through state supreme courts, where insurers are getting more good news. “Insurers had a fair amount of success […]

    SURVEY: Middle-Income Americans Prepare for Possible Recession in 2023

    {January 24th, 2023} by Primerica

    DULUTH, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Primerica, Inc. (NYSE: PRI), a leading provider of financial services in the United States and Canada, released its Middle-Income Financial Security Monitor for the fourth quarter of 2022. The survey, in its third year, measures changes in the sentiments of middle-income families in the U.S. about their finances. During the fourth quarter of 2022, 81% […]

    KAFL Insurance Resources Becomes Newest ICON Affiliate

    {January 23rd, 2023} by AIMCOR Consolidated LLC (“ICON”)

    PAOLI, Penn. and CLEARWATER, Fla. | January 18, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time AIMCOR Consolidated LLC (“ICON”), a joint venture between AIMCOR Group, LLC (“AIMCOR”) and AmeriLife Group, LLC (“AmeriLife”), announced today that it has acquired KAFL Insurance Resources (“KAFL”), one of the largest brokerage general agencies (BGAs) in the northeast. Per the agreement, terms of the deal were not […]

    What Your Clients Don’t Know About Longevity Could Hurt Their Retirement

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Michael Finke

    Do you know how long an average 60-year-old American will live? Most people don’t. When given four possible responses, only 37% correctly identified the average longevity of men and women in a recent survey conducted by researchers from the George Washington University Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center and the TIAA Institute. Click HERE to read […]

    Unpacking the IUL marketing plague

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Daniel M Yerger

    It hasn’t escaped notice for many financial planners that Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies are making a marketing comeback, albeit one that resembles a plague of locusts.   Legions of insurance-licensed-only insurance producers have swarmed to platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to market the living benefits of IUL policies, marketing them under names such […]

    AmeriLife Names Mike Vietri to Lead $7.2B Asset Wealth Arm

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Allison Bell

    AmeriLife Group has named separate managers for its wealth and health distribution teams — and pointed out that it now has $7.2 billion in assets under management. AmeriLife is a Clearwater, Florida-based financial distribution company that has used private equity firm backing to grow rapidly. The company has closed on 65 acquisitions since 2020 and […]

    The 10 Most Popular Annuity Videos on YouTube: 2022

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Allison Bell

    Visiting YouTube can give you a taste of what clients are hearing about annuities in online ads and online personal finance shows. We’ve put together a list of the 10 YouTube videos related to the U.S. annuity market in 2022, based on the number of views received. Annuity video viewership is low when compared with […]

    Life Insurance’s ‘New Normal’ Is a Major Opportunity for Modern Financial Advisors

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Michael Konialian

    As financial advisors sort through the aftermath of the pandemic, they will find that life insurance has been completely transformed. At the beginning of 2020, distributing life insurance was an arduous task — requiring multiple, often in-person meetings, awkward conversations on gory details of medical history, followed by time-consuming medical exams and paper applications. Click […]

    New Bill Would Raise Capital Gains Tax on Wealthy New Yorkers

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Allison Bell

    A New York state legislator wants high-income, high-net-worth state residents to pay more taxes on capital gains. Sen. Gustavo Rivera, D-N.Y., introduced S. 2162 Thursday. The bill that would impose an additional state income tax ranging from 7.5% to 15% on the long-term capital gains of taxpayers with New York state taxable income over a […]

    Who Benefits Most From Annuity Purchases?

    {January 23rd, 2023} by John Manganaro

    Anew paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research investigates retirees’ optimal purchases of fixed and variable longevity income annuities using their defined contribution plan assets and given their expected Social Security benefits. The underlying analysis was put together by a trio of authors including Vanya Horneff and Raimond Maurer of the Goethe University […]

    Kuvare and Aquarian Make Bermuda Deals

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Allison Bell

    Kuvare Holdings has broken through the thick new sheets of dealmaking ice. Higher interest rates and economic uncertainty have frozen announcements of mergers, acquisitions and other major deals in many sectors, but some companies in the life and annuity market have managed to start or close transactions anyway. Click HERE to read the full story […]

    Secure 2.0 Act RMD Rules Open New IRA Planning Window

    {January 23rd, 2023} by John Manganaro

    Speaking on a recent webinar hosted by Carson Group, Jamie Hopkins, the firm’s managing director of wealth solutions, suggested the new extension of the required minimum distribution age to 73 is a key conversation starter for advisors and their clients in 2023. Hopkins was joined on the webinar by Christine Benz, Morningstar’s director of personal […]

    5-Year Rollover Glut Has Swelled IRA Balances: Cerulli

    {January 23rd, 2023} by John Manganaro

    The exceptional capital market performance experienced between 2016 and 2021 translated to significantly higher average 401(k) account balances, which in turn drove a groundswell of rollovers into individual retirement accounts. This is one of the headline findings of the newly published Cerulli Report, “U.S. Retirement Markets 2022: The Role of Workplace Retirement Plans in the […]

    New York Life Wealth Watch 2023 Outlook: 1-in-3 Individuals Hopeful About Finances in 2023, Despite Inflation, Recession Concerns

    {January 23rd, 2023} by New York Life

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While Americans continue to experience the challenges presented by inflation and a potential recession, New York Life’s latest Wealth Watch survey found that 66% of American adults are confident in their ability to reach their financial goals, and 1-in-3 feel hopeful about their finances at the end of 2022 going into 2023, reflecting […]

    Reliance Standard Life Insurance and Matrix Absence Management Rebrand as Reliance Matrix, Delivering High-Tech and High-Touch Solutions to the U.S. Employee Benefits and Absence Management Markets

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

    PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company and Matrix Absence Management have rebranded as Reliance Matrix, a technology-driven absence and employee benefits company that provides financial protection and supplemental health plans for employees, while helping employers maximize productivity by managing time away from work. The two industry leaders have joined forces to bring integrated and personalized […]

    Nationwide, NFL Engage Fans with New Fundraising Platform

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Alltroo

    MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 32 nominees for the National Football League’s (NFL’s)  Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award presented by Nationwide are recognized not only for athletic excellence, but also because they make a positive impact off the field in their respective communities, representing the best of the NFL’s commitment to philanthropy.   For […]

    Simplicity Successfully Completes the Acquisition of IMS Associates and Welcomes Sean Giroux as the Group’s Newest Partner

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Simplicity Group

    SUMMIT, N.J., Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Simplicity Group (“Simplicity”) today announced the acquisition of IMS Associates (IMS), a brokerage general agency based in Orange County, CA that offers annuity, long-term care, disability, and all types of life insurance. With this transaction – Simplicity’s 50th – the Company welcomes IMS’ leader Sean Giroux as the Group’s newest Partner. “Sean and the entire […]

    Kansas City Life Declares Quarterly Dividend

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Kansas City Life Insurance Company

    KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Board of Directors of Kansas City Life Insurance Company declared a quarterly dividend of $0.14 per share on Jan. 23, 2023. The dividend will be payable on Feb. 8, 2023, to stockholders of record on Feb. 2, 2023. Kansas City Life Insurance Company (OTCQX: KCLI) was established in 1895 and is based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Company’s primary […]

    Deferred annuities are better deals than immediate annuities

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Mark Hulbert

    Not only does the early bird get the worm, he gets a higher annuity payout as well. That’s the finding of a new study that the National Bureau of Economic Research began circulating earlier this month. Entitled “Target Retirement Fund: A Variant on Target Date Funds That Uses Deferred Life Annuities Rather than Bonds to […]

    NAIFA and WIFS Announce Stronger Partnership, Launch of Inaugural Women’s Financial Security Fly-In

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Insurance Forums Staff

    No strangers already, NAIFA and WIFS recently announced the two organizations have signed an expanded partnership agreement and are launching an inaugural women’s financial security fly-in set for March. The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and Women in Insurance & Financial Services have agreed to continue to work closely together and support their mutual goals in the […]

    Senior Technical Writer, Group1001

    {January 23rd, 2023} by Group1001

    Marketing Zionsville, Indiana  Waltham, Massachusetts  Remote in the U.S., Alaska Description Position at Group1001 Group1001 is a consumer-centric, technology-driven family of insurance companies on a mission to deliver outstanding value and operational performance by combining financial strength and stability with deep insurance expertise and a can-do culture. Group1001’s culture emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, core business focus, risk […]

    Getting to know Wink: VA Ambassador

    {January 18th, 2023} by Wink's Intel Pros

    Peter is Wink’s VA Ambassador and the only thing more impressive than his knack for variable annuities (VAs) is his Australian accent. While he isn’t the first man to brave Wink’s day-to-day operations, he has more experience than most of the Wink staff combined. Duly-licensed and ready to take on the world, this Aussie is mixing […]

    Best Book on Annuities

    {January 18th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

    I have a friend who asked me what the best book on annuities would be. I didn’t even know how to respond. I mean, is he asking about annuity sales? Annuity mechanics? Annuity psychology? Something else? What are the best annuity books you’ve read (warning: not your own book!), and why? Click HERE to Join […]

    Horrifed by this Tik Tok

    {January 18th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

    I am horrified by this Tik Tok on indexed life. Who said that 6%-8% was the “average return” on IUL? There is no place to substantiate that claim. It is “guaranteed growth?” Nearly every IUL has a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 0%. That IS NOT GROWTH. This is giving us all a bad name […]


    {January 18th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Not to start a complaint fest, but I have never heard more complaints about service with annuity home offices, than I have over the past two months. It seems few insurers are immune. The time required to issue an app has likely never been longer. I am typically hearing three weeks just to get a […]

    Top FINRA Exam Priorities in 2023

    {January 18th, 2023} by Melanie Waddell

    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s just-released Examination and Risk Monitoring Program report gives broker-dealers insight into findings from recent oversight activities of FINRA’s Member Supervision, Market Regulation and Enforcement programs. The report “addresses topics that remain perennially important, with updates to reflect evolving risks, industry trends and findings from FINRA’s recent oversight activities,” Greg Ruppert, executive vice president […]

    Confused, embarrssed. “There’s something that does not compute.”

    {January 18th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Wow. Just wow.  This one had me at, “there’s something that does not compute. Click to read “‘My adviser insists this is a good, low-risk investment.’ I’m semi-retired at 63 with $2 million saved. My financial adviser wants me to sink half my money in an annuity. Should I do it?” Chris Chen, CFP®, CDFA™– […]

    Fractional Shares, Fixed-Income Pricing to Get Watchdog Scrutiny

    {January 18th, 2023} by Lydia Beyoud

    Brokers that offer traders the chance to buy less than a full share of a stock are set to face more scrutiny from a key industry watchdog.  The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority said how fractional-share trades are reported will be a focus of its examinations in 2023. The industry-backed regulator said supervisors will also look […]

    Security Benefit Enhances its Strategic Growth Series of Annuities with Next Generation Capabilities

    {January 18th, 2023} by Security Benefit

    TOPEKA, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (Security Benefit) today announced key enhancements to its Strategic Growth Series of Annuities, including the addition of a Rate Buy Up option across the series that allows retirement savers to enhance their potential contract accumulation, the launch of the Strategic Growth 7 product with a 7-year surrender charge […]

    U.S. Life Application Activity Gets the Chills

    {January 18th, 2023} by Allison Bell

    U.S. individual life insurance application activity dropped in December, MIB Group reported Tuesday. The Braintree, Massachusetts-based industry organization said overall application flow fell 4.2% when compared with application flow for December 2021. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor

    2 Annuities That Are Worth a Look Now

    {January 18th, 2023} by Neal Templin

    Rising rates have made annuities of all stripes more interesting investments, but two in particular are worth a hard look right now. Multi-year guaranteed annuities—MYGAs, for short—are the insurance world equivalent of a bank certificate of deposit. Just like with CDs, rates have shot up in the last year. Unlike CDs, gains in a MYGA […]

    What Is a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity?

    {January 18th, 2023} by John Egan for Forbes Advisor

    In the third quarter of 2022, sales of multi-year guaranteed annuities totaled $27.4 billion, up 4.7% from the previous quarter and 138% from the same period in 2021, according to Wink’s Sales & Market Report. Wink attributes the rising popularity of MYGAs to higher interest rates. Click HERE to read the full story via Nasdaq

    More consumers go online to shop for life insurance

    {January 18th, 2023} by Press Release

    Chicago, Jan. 12, 2023 — More than four in 10 consumers go online or use an app when shopping for life insurance, according to a new TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) report. This is a significant shift as the vast majority of consumers traditionally purchase their life insurance policies through an agent. However, this is also very much […]

    Bankrate: The best in life insurance

    {January 18th, 2023} by Cate Deventer

        Bankrate conducted extensive research into the life insurance industry to find the best term, whole and universal life insurance companies. We analyzed factors like accessibility, number of riders, coverage capacity, if the company offered a no-exam option, financial strength ratings and customer service scores to identify the best life insurance companies for each main policy […]

    Legal woes mounting for disgraced insurance magnate Greg Lindberg

    {January 18th, 2023} by John Hilton

    Troubled financier Greg Lindberg is set to face trial on Securities and Exchange Commission charges after a judge denied a motion to dismiss last week. Lindberg, who also faces a second federal trial on bribery charges, allegedly participated in a $75 million fraud, the SEC alleged in an August complaint. The complaint names a Malta-based […]

    What if Target Date Funds Used Annuities?

    {January 18th, 2023} by John Manganaro

    Anew paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research evaluates a proposed variant of the popular target date fund vehicle used in employer-sponsored retirement savings plans, with the goal of determining whether redirecting allocations from bonds to deferred income annuities boosts participant outcomes. The analysis was put together by John Shoven of the Department […]

    Are Money Markets and CDs a Good Investment Now? Advisors’ Advice

    {January 18th, 2023} by John Manganaro

    With interest rates higher than advisors have seen in a generation, is it time to reconsider investments such as money market funds or certificates of deposit? ThinkAdvisor put this question to a stable of financial professionals with the XY Planning Network for the latest edition of the Advisors’ Advice series. We posed a simple query: […]

    Stop Comparing Annuity Payout Rates to the 4% Rule

    {January 18th, 2023} by David Blanchett

    The recent rise in interest rates has changed the investment and lifetime income landscape. For example, payouts on immediate annuities have increased dramatically over the last year. The rise in interest rates has led to an increase in LinkedIn posts (at least, that I’m seeing) where some individual is effectively asking why someone would settle for 4% when they […]

    NAFA Elects 2023 Board of Directors

    {January 18th, 2023} by NAFA

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The general membership of NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities, approved the slate of candidates presented for its 2023 board of directors at the association’s annual meeting held recently in Santa Monica, Calif. Nominations were received from the membership at large, and candidates were vetted by the current board before being proposed during the association’s 14th annual Annuity Distribution Summit. By unanimous decision, six new members and two […]

    Athene COO Sees Non-Variable Annuity Sales Boom Continuing

    {January 18th, 2023} by Allison Bell

    Rising interest rates are continuing to push consumers to buy annuities, a top annuity issuer executive said Thursday. Mike Downing, the chief operating officer of Athene Holding, reported that sales conditions were much better than expected in 2022 and continue to be strong now. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor     […]

    Nearly two-thirds of women are delaying their retirement due to inflation

    {January 18th, 2023} by Nationwide

    Nationwide Retirement Institute® survey of retirement plan participants reveals that compared to men, more women’s financial and retirement goals have been derailed and their confidence is shaken COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Inflation has shaken women’s retirement security and confidence, according to a Nationwide Retirement Institute® survey of employer-sponsored retirement plan participants and sponsors. The study found […]

    Integrity Closes Transformative Acquisition of Gladstone Wealth Partners to Offer Expansive Wealth Management Solutions to Americans

    {January 18th, 2023} by Integrity Marketing Group

    DALLAS , Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, today announced the closing of its acquisition of Gladstone Wealth Partners, LLC (“Gladstone”), a leading wealth management firm offering registered independent advisor and broker-dealer services. This transformative acquisition of Gladstone, which was […]

    Simplicity Acquires Jurs Montgomery Brokerage and Adds Justin Jurs and Chris Ronshagen to its Growing Partnership

    {January 18th, 2023} by Simplicity Group

    SUMMIT, N.J., Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Simplicity Group (“Simplicity”) today announced the acquisition of Jurs Montgomery Brokerage, LLC (Jurs Montgomery). Led by Justin Jurs and Chris Ronshagen, Jurs Montgomery is a brokerage general agency that provides access to annuity, long-term care, life, and disability income products to independent producers, along with a high-touch support network. With offices in New York and Massachusetts, […]

    Aquarian Closes Acquisition of Somerset Reinsurance

    {January 17th, 2023} by Aquarian Holdings

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aquarian Holdings (“Aquarian”) today announced the closing of its acquisition of Somerset Reinsurance Limited (“Somerset Re”), a leading provider of reinsurance solutions to the U.S. life insurance and annuity market. Aquarian announced in 2022 that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire a controlling interest in the Bermuda-domiciled reinsurer and provide a […]

    Kuvare Announces Formation of New Bermuda Reinsurer – Initially Provides Kuvare Access to $400 Million of Co-Investment Capital

    {January 17th, 2023} by Kuvare Holdings

    CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kuvare Holdings (“Kuvare”), a technology-enabled financial services platform focused on delivering life and annuity solutions to the underserved U.S. middle market, and reinsurance solutions to institutional partners worldwide, today announced the formation of Kindley Re Ltd. (“Kindley Re”). Kindley Re, a newly formed Bermuda-domiciled reinsurer, will co-invest at least $400 million with Kuvare in […]

    AM Best Assigns Credit Ratings to Stellar National Life Insurance Company

    {January 17th, 2023} by AM Best

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AM Best has assigned a Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of B++ (Good) and a Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating (Long-Term ICR) of “bbb” (Good) to Stellar National Life Insurance Company (Stellar Life) (Phoenix, AZ). The outlook assigned to these Credit Ratings (ratings) is stable. The ratings reflect Stellar Life’s balance sheet strength, which AM Best […]

    American Equity Schedules Fourth Quarter 2022 Earnings Release, Conference Call and Webcast

    {January 17th, 2023} by American Equity Investment Life Holding Company

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–American Equity Investment Life Holding Company (NYSE: AEL) announced today that it will release fourth quarter 2022 earnings and other financial results after the close of market on Thursday, February 16. The fourth quarter earnings release and financial supplement will be posted on the American Equity IR website at https://ir.american-equity.com/ at that time. […]

    UPDATE: Jackson to Report Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2022 Financial Results and Provide 2023 Outlook

    {January 17th, 2023} by Jackson

    LANSING, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jackson Financial Inc.1 (NYSE: JXN) (Jackson®) will announce financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2022 after market close Tuesday, February 28, 2023. Jackson’s press release and supplemental financial materials will be available at investors.jackson.com. Jackson will host a conference call and webcast Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 10 a.m. […]

    F&G Annuities & Life Prices $500 Million Senior Unsecured Notes Offering

    {January 10th, 2023} by Fidelity & Guaranty Life

    DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — F&G Annuities & Life, Inc. (NYSE: FG) (“F&G”), a leading provider of insurance solutions serving retail annuity and life customers and institutional clients, today announced that it priced a private offering of $500,000,000 aggregate principal amount of 7.40% senior notes due 2028 (the “notes”). The offering is expected to close on January 13, […]

    Transamerica, a Universal Life Sales Leader, Unveils New Product

    {January 10th, 2023} by Warren S. Hersch

    Transamerica’s Financial Foundation IUL, a product featuring two of the index options of the company’s new offering but a lower minimum face amount — $25,000 for Foundation versus $250,000 for Choice — was the top-selling indexed life insurance in the third quarter, according to Wink’s Sales & Market Report. Transamerica ranked second for overall indexed life […]

    These 22 Life Insurers Just Saw Over 10% Growth in Premiums

    {January 10th, 2023} by Warren S. Hersch

    National Life, the industry’s top seller of indexed life insurance according to research firm Wink, saw a doubling of renewal premiums over the last five years, according to an investor update presentation released in June. Life insurance premiums accounted for more than two-thirds of the 2021 total. Click HERE to read the full story via Life Annuity Specialist

    In 2005, 40% of Indexed Annuities Sold Had This. Today? 1.6%.

    {January 10th, 2023} by Aaron Smith

    Sheryl Moore, CEO of market research firm Wink, thinks the monthly summing method appeared in about 2004. The following year, two-fifths of fixed-indexed annuities sold had this feature. Last year, through the first three quarters, only 1.6% did, a stunning decline. MassMutual Ascend, the former Great American, is phasing out the monthly summing option on certain annuities, according to Moore, who […]

    Young, brash and wrong: FINRA study profiles investing risks

    {January 9th, 2023} by Timothy Darragh

    WASHINGTON //BestWire// – Hiring in the insurance industry continued chugging forward in December, as insurance companies, brokers and related businesses added another 3,800 jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. The hiring increase in the last month of the year matched hiring numbers in November, as the industry continued to rebound from the pandemic-driven downturn […]

    Ameriprise Piloting Retirement Income Planning Service via Advisors

    {January 9th, 2023} by Sam Del Rowe

    Ameriprise Financial is piloting an advisor-based retirement income planning service, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday. The Premier Retirement Income service “is a specialized approach to retirement income planning that builds on our current investment advisory services and products and provides advice to clients approaching or in the distribution phase of retirement,” […]

    SILAC Insurance Company and Hildene Capital Management Announce Strategic Alliance

    {January 9th, 2023} by SILAC Insurance Company

    CARMEL, Ind. & STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SILAC Insurance Company (“SILAC” or the “Company”), a leading U.S. annuity provider, and Hildene Capital Management, LLC (together with its affiliates and clients, “Hildene”), a credit-focused asset manager with approximately $12 billion of assets under management, today announced that they have entered into a long-term strategic alliance. As part of […]

    Pan-American Life Insurance Group Completes Merger of Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company into Pan-American Life Insurance Company

    {January 9th, 2023} by Pan-American Life Insurance Group

    NEW ORLEANS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pan-American Life Insurance Group (PALIG), a leading provider of life, accident and health insurance throughout the Americas, today announced that it has completed the merger of Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company®, a Pan-American Life Insurance Group Stock Company, into Pan-American Life Insurance Company (PALIC) as a fully integrated division named Mutual Trust Life […]

    The Standard Adds New Stable Value Offering with The APEX Series

    {January 9th, 2023} by Standard Insurance Company

    PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Standard Insurance Company (The Standard) has announced The APEX Series, a new stable value investment product that offers four fund options and competitive guaranteed rates through June 2023. The APEX Series expands The Standard’s existing stable value portfolio by offering returns that reflect the rising corporate and treasury rate environment. “Stable value funds continue […]

    Best’s Special Report: Rising Interest Rates Suppress Debt Appetite for U.S. Life/Annuity Insurers

    {January 9th, 2023} by AM Best

    OLDWICK, N.J–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Publicly traded U.S. life/annuity (L/A) insurers are taking a more-cautious approach to issuing debt given rising interest rates, and instead have put a greater focus on strengthening their enterprise risk management, corporate governance and stress testing capabilities. according to a new AM Best special report. The Best’s Special Report, “Rising Interest Rates Suppress Debt Appetite for […]

    Jackson to Report Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2022 Financial Results

    {January 9th, 2023} by Jackson Financial Inc.

    LANSING, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jackson Financial Inc.1 (NYSE: JXN) (Jackson®) will announce financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2022 after market close Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Jackson’s press release and supplemental financial materials will be available at investors.jackson.com. Jackson will host a conference call and webcast Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 10 a.m. […]

    AM Best Removes From Under Review With Developing Implications and Affirms Credit Ratings of SILAC Insurance Company

    {January 9th, 2023} by AM Best

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AM Best has removed from under review with developing implications and affirmed the Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of B+ (Good) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating (Long-Term ICR) of “bbb-” (Good) of SILAC Insurance Company (SILAC) (Salt Lake City, UT). The outlook assigned to these Credit Ratings (ratings) is stable. The ratings reflect SILAC’s […]

    Foresters Financial launches Foresters Renew™

    {January 9th, 2023} by The Independent Order of Foresters

    TORONTO, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Foresters Financial™ (Foresters), the fraternal life insurer that’s boldly redefining the life insurance industry through innovation, purpose and wellness, today announced the launch of Foresters RenewTM grants. [1]  Foresters Renew is a new member benefit aligned with Foresters core purpose to enrich the well-being of members, their families and their communities. [2] [3]   Many […]

    Mutual of America Financial Group Closes Acquisition of Landmark Life Insurance Company

    {January 9th, 2023} by Mutual of America

    NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mutual of America Financial Group, a leading provider of retirement services and investments to employers, employees and individuals, completed its acquisition of Landmark Life Insurance Company, a widely licensed Texas life and annuity insurance company (“Landmark Life”) as of January 4, 2023. Landmark Life will be rebranded with plans to offer products in […]

    Transamerica Unveils Financial Choice IUL

    {January 9th, 2023} by Transamerica

    New index universal life insurance offers opportunity for tax-advantaged choice and flexibility BALTIMORE, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Transamerica announces today the availability of the Transamerica Financial Choice IULSM, a new index universal life insurance policy to protect beneficiaries while providing flexibility and opportunity for tax-advantaged supplemental income. The Transamerica Financial Choice IUL offers life insurance protection and a variety […]

    Economy, inflation are top of mind for financial services firms in 2023

    {January 9th, 2023} by Ayo Mseka

    In recent months, several financial services firms have released outlooks for 2023, providing critical insights for advisors as they help their clients navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The battle against inflation, a possible recession and a potentially flat year for life insurance sales are all top of mind. The Wells Fargo Investment […]

    Symetra and Mutual of America Add Annuity Affiliates

    {January 9th, 2023} by Allison Bell

    Two life insurers — Symetra Financial and Mutual of America Financial Group — have completed deals to support their annuity operations. Symetra has started a Bermuda-based company, Symetra Bermuda Re Ltd., to provide reinsurance for an 80% quota share of fixed deferred and non-variable indexed annuities issued by its main life insurance company on or […]

    The Annuity Paradox

    {January 9th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

    I initially thought this article,  The Annuity Paradox, was pretty balanced. I mean, Financial Planning Magazine isn’t wrong in their “parsing the mortality lottery” section. I did actually LOL on the annuity comparisons against different car models. And I have to concede that there are some “very complex” annuities out there. (But no one mentions that there […]

    The 2023 Life, Health and Annuity Prediction Almanac

    {January 9th, 2023} by Allison Bell

    The year has changed, and forecasters are busy looking at sales data, stock market data, general economic data, tea leaves, Ouija boards and anything else that can give them hints about what comes next. Here’s a catalog of some of the predictions that have flowed our way, sorted into 10 categories. Click HERE to read […]

    January jump in divorces offers advisors opportunity to provide value

    {January 9th, 2023} by Gregg Greenberg

    The month of January sees a jump in gym memberships every year as Americans seek to fulfill their new year’s resolutions of improved health.   Click HERE to read the full story via InvestmentNews

    Young, brash and wrong: FINRA study profiles investing risks

    {January 9th, 2023} by Steven A. Morelli

    un and trendy is in with investors as they skew younger – and stodgy is dodgy, according to the latest FINRA investor study. In a survey taken last year, investors were putting more of their money into individual stocks and ETFs and less into insurance products. Click HERE to read the full story via INN

    Morningstar raises ‘safe’ withdrawal rate recommendation

    {January 9th, 2023} by Steven A. Morelli

    Morningstar has raised its recommended retirement withdrawal rate closer to the 4% rule of thumb in an era of low equity valuations and higher bond yields. In its research, The State of Retirement Income 2022, Morningstar raised its recommended safe withdrawal rate to 3.8%, with annual inflation adjustments, up from 3.3% last year, even in an […]

    American Equity rejects private equity takeover bid as problems with investor brew

    {January 9th, 2023} by Tyler Jett

      For the second time in just over two years, American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. has rebuffed a hostile takeover ― though the battle may still be brewing. The West Des Moines retirement funds provider, which employs about 800 people, recently disclosed that it had received two offers from private equity firm Elliott Investment Management […]

    After record year, indexed universal life likely to stumble in 2023

    {January 9th, 2023} by Steven A. Morelli

    Although the fourth quarter is not expected to be a record-breaker on its own, it caps a banner year. Sheryl Moore, CEO of Moore Market Intelligence, projected that it will supersede last year’s blazing performance. Click HERE to read the full story via INN

    ‘Annuity King’ has ‘zero doubt’ of acquittal on annuity fraud charges

    {January 9th, 2023} by John Hilton

    The ongoing criminal case pitting the government against the self-titled “Annuity King” could finally go to trial this spring. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor

    Beware the ghosts of retirement planning past, present and future

    {January 9th, 2023} by Phil Wright

    In the classic short story, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge, relieved after a nightmare in which he was visited by three ghosts, proclaimed: “I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!”1 Scrooge emerges […]


    {January 4th, 2023} by Wink's Intel Pros

    In the continued pursuit of our mission statement, “To provide the best darned competitive intelligence to the life insurance and annuity industries,” Wink, Inc., is excited to reveal enhancements to their LifeSpecs analysis tool. Wink added the documents library resource to LifeSpecs! It brings a plethora of product information right to you. Among the items […]

    All the New Secure 2.0 and RILA Deadlines You Need to Know

    {January 4th, 2023} by Allison Bell

    The enormous new spending bill Congress has sent President Joe Biden could create a mountain of financial services law implementation work for federal agencies over the next 10 years. The heart of the new Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 (CAA, 2023) consists of appropriations provisions needed to keep the federal government running. At press time, the […]

    Top 20 Life and Annuity Articles of 2022

    {January 4th, 2023} by Allison Bell

    What was the new year is turning into the old year, and news is turning into history. We compiled a list of the 20 most widely read articles about life insurance, annuities and closely related topics, such as long-term care insurance, that first appeared on ThinkAdvisor in 2022. The results show that readers need basic […]

    The 2023 Life, Health and Annuity Prediction Almanac

    {January 4th, 2023} by Allison Bell

    The year has changed, and forecasters are busy looking at sales data, stock market data, general economic data, tea leaves, Ouija boards and anything else that can give them hints about what comes next. Here’s a catalog of some of the predictions that have flowed our way, sorted into 10 categories. Click HERE to read […]

    Life Insurance as an Investment: Is It Right for Your Clients?

    {January 4th, 2023} by Roger Wohlner

    When most financial advisors and clients think about investing, life insurance is probably not at the top of the list. Stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and the like are generally the primary portfolio components for most of your clients. This is as it should be. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor.    Wink’s […]


    {January 4th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

    I was really excited to learn about a new index recently, which is designed to show you what a typical renewal annual point-to-point participation rate should be in the present environment. Mark Waldman schooled me about this new index from Genesis Financial Products, the company that brought us the indexed annuity. My mind began racing…of […]

    The end of the monthly sum?

    {January 4th, 2023} by Sheryl J. Moore

    I’ve been wondering how long it would take for insurance companies to start retiring their monthly point-to-point indexing methods. MassMutual Ascend recently took this action on one of their indexed annuities. The indexing method, also known as “monthly sum,” used to account 40.50% of all indexed annuity sales in 2005. However, the most recent “Wink’s […]

    Banner sales a theme in year’s top 10 annuity articles

    {January 4th, 2023} by Steven A. Morelli

    ‘Crazy’ evolution of life, annuity indexes draws scrutiny, says expert In a July 1 article, expert Sheryl Moore was featured as she raised the warning flag on insurance companies pushing boundaries with proprietary indexes. As the CEO of Moore Market Intelligence and Wink Inc., Moore has been on the front line for decades as the industry […]

    Broker Words—January 2023

    {January 4th, 2023} by Stephen Howard

    The Howards and McAvoys have been good friends for more than 40 years. In fact, that friendship stretches back even before Broker World, to back when my father was Tom Sawyering local and regional ad prospects for our original publication Mid America Insurance Magazine. So it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Matt McAvoy for being named […]

    “If I Don’t Sell That Product, It’s A Bad Product”

    {January 4th, 2023} by Charlie Gipple

    A while back, I posted something on LinkedIn about how to assist consumers that desperately need help get qualified for Medicaid. As you know, Medicaid can pay for long term care (nursing home care primarily), if a consumer is deemed financially incapable. It is not a replacement for long term care insurance, but it can […]

    Technology Impacting Insurance Sales Through AI Leads, Digital Sales STP, And Illustration Workflow

    {January 4th, 2023} by Ken Leibow

    What’s the latest innovation in technology for insurance sales? Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used for lead generation, lead follow-up, strategic marketing, customer retention, and client support. Leveraging AI gives you more control over the sales cycle, helping clients identify hot leads earlier and faster. Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the most sought-after technology solutions […]

    Changing financial tides could hit IUL cap rates

    {January 3rd, 2023} by Kyle Mills

    Indexed universal life (IUL) cap rates have reached low tide, which makes long-term projections much less attractive for current and future policyholders. It is not hyperbole to say “every IUL policy sold in the last 10 years illustrates lower today than it did when it was sold,” assuming maximum illustrative rates. Some will argue this, […]

    Annuity vs. Mutual Fund: What’s The Difference?

    {January 3rd, 2023} by Kat Tretina and Benjamin Curry

    Worried about not having enough money for retirement? You’re not alone. In a recent a survey released by the Stanford Center on Longevity, 55% of pre-retirees said their finances were fragile or that they were just barely making ends meet. Click HERE to read the full story via Forbes   Wink’s Note: It is not uncommon […]

    A fraud-filled 2022: Scammers and lawsuits fill the news

    {January 3rd, 2023} by John Hilton

    The year included plenty of high-profile fraud incidents and trends. COVID-19 fraud cases consistently drove strong traffic to InsuranceNewsNet. Some of the incidents included significant settlements and impacts. Such as a May settlement by Allianz, which agreed to pay $6 billion to settle charges that its investing division defrauded clients by hiding losses and risks […]

    The growth of Integrity

    {January 3rd, 2023} by John Hilton

    The Big Three’s relentless growth is altering the distribution landscape, said Sheryl Moore, president and CEO of Moore Market Intelligence and Wink Inc. Small to midsized IMOs and FMOs are being gobbled up so quickly, it is forcing many to reconsider their plan, she said. “It is hard to compete against an Integrity, Simplicity or […]

    Life sales predicted to be flat in 2023

    {January 3rd, 2023} by Maureen Shaughnessy

    Over the past few years, the life insurance industry has experienced a pandemic, lockdowns, underwriting restrictions, work-from-home disruptions, life insurance tax law changes and volatile economic conditions. Life insurance premium sales soared 18% in 2021 as the result of increased consumer demand for life insurance, coupled with the impact of tax law changes allowing higher […]

    Jamie Hopkins on Secure 2.0: What’s Overhyped, What’s Interesting and What to Watch

    {December 27th, 2022} by John Manganaro

    Last week, the closely divided U.S. Congress passed its much-anticipated omnibus spending bill, and the legislation quickly received the signature of President Joe Biden. Much to the satisfaction of the U.S. retirement planning industry, the legislation included the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (Secure) 2.0 Act of 2022. The Secure 2.0 framework features […]

    SECURE 2.0 & RILA Act Pass

    {December 27th, 2022} by NAIFA

      Passage of the Registered Index-Linked Annuities (RILA) Act and the SECURE Act 2.0 as part of the 2023 Omnibus Appropriations bill greatly benefits consumers as well as the insurance financial professionals who help them prepare for retirement and achieve financial security. The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) has strongly advocated on […]

    There are many more insights into the mind of an annuity buyer

    {December 27th, 2022} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Well, there is nothing so surprising about consumers buying annuities for guaranteed income. However, LIMRA discovered that liquidity was a major driver for annuity purchase decisions as well. This was crazy to me, as the research I have read from the American Council of Life Insurers – ACLI indicates that most annuity purchasers do not use the liquidity features […]

    4 Ways the Annuity Sales Process Is Broken

    {December 27th, 2022} by Michael Kazanjian

    The insurance industry has been working to raise awareness around annuity products for more than a decade now. The goal: educate consumers about their potential benefits, such as security in retirement. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor   Wink’s Note: This article should be titled “4 Ways the Annuity Sales Process Is […]

    If these medical advancements become approved for use in humans, just HOW LONG could we live?

    {December 27th, 2022} by Sheryl J. Moore

    You always hear me say that “annuities will guarantee a paycheck for life, even if the annuitant lives to be 150 years old.” This is because I read a “Time” magazine article, over a decade ago, which indicated that the first person to live to be 150 years old was already walking the earth at […]

    NAIC Task Force Adopts Index-Linked Variable Annuity Guidelines

    {December 27th, 2022} by Allison Bell

    A panel of regulators at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has adopted a set of standards for a popular, relatively new type of annuity — the registered index-linked annuity, or index-linked variable annuity. Members of the Life Actuarial Task Force, part of the NAIC’s Life Insurance and Annuities Committee, approved Actuarial Guideline ILVA last […]

    12 Life and Annuity Changes in $1.7T Spending Bill

    {December 27th, 2022} by Allison Bell

    Life insurance and annuity provisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 — the 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion spending bill now flying through Congress — could shape clients’ saving and investment decisions for decades to come. Groups like the American Council of Life Insurers, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and Finseca are going through […]

    American Equity Rejects Offer From Elliott Investment-Backed Insurer

    {December 27th, 2022} by Allison Bell

    The American Equity Investment Life Holding Company board has rejected an unsolicited acquisition offer from Prosperity Group Holdings — a life insurer affiliated with Elliott Investment Management — for $45 per share in cash, or a total of $3.7 billion. David Mulcahy, American Equity’s chair, called the Prosperity offer “opportunistic” and said it “significantly undervalues […]

    Indexed Life Sales May Tumble After Revision to NAIC Guideline

    {December 27th, 2022} by Warren S. Hersch

    “The results could be much more conservative” than adjusting the actuarial guideline that is intended just for indexed universal life, said Sheryl Moore, CEO of Wink, which publishes Wink’s Sales & Market Report. “More conservativeness in illustration handling for indexed life always seems to have a negative effect on sales.” Click HERE to read the full story via […]

    American Council of Life Insurers: Congress Helps Millions Of Workers Save For Retirement With SECURE 2.0, Registration For Index-Linked Annuities Act Passage

    {December 27th, 2022} by American Council of Life Insurers

    CONGRESS HELPS MILLIONS OF WORKERS SAVE FOR RETIREMENT WITH SECURE 2.0, REGISTRATION FOR INDEX-LINKED ANNUITIES ACT PASSAGE WASHINGTON – American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) President & CEO Susan Neely made the following comments today on “SECURE 2.0” and the Registration for Index-Linked Annuities (RILA) Act, retirement security measures Congress approved today as part of […]

    Retire boom makes advice for golden years a top 2022 theme for advisors

    {December 27th, 2022} by Doug Bailey

    With a record 700,000 boomers hitting retirement age in 2022 and another huge segment approaching the milestone, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that advice on retirement investment strategies dominated topics around financial advisors. The risks, rewards, and complexities of new retirement investment products, along with deep concerns about how much money is enough to […]

    Quiz: Do You Know These Social Security Facts for 2023?

    {December 27th, 2022} by John Manganaro

    Based on size alone, the Social Security system is one of the most important and popular programs operated by the federal government. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, in 2022, fully 21% of the federal government budget, or $1.2 trillion, will be used to pay for Social Security. Apart from the money […]

    The 401(k) and IRA Changes to Consider After Congress Revised Many Retirement Laws

    {December 27th, 2022} by Ashlea Ebeling

    Americans will need to rethink how they save after Congress passed a series of laws that stand to overhaul parts of the country’s retirement saving system.  The retirement overhaul is part of a larger bill passed by Congress just before the holidays. It includes dozens of retirement policy changes that go into effect over the next decade. Many […]

    Top Executive for Financier Greg Lindberg Pleads Guilty to Charges Related to Insurance Fraud

    {December 27th, 2022} by Mark Maremont and Leslie Scism

    A former top lieutenant of North Carolina insurance mogul Greg Lindberg agreed to plead guilty to a federal criminal conspiracy charge.  The plea is the latest episode in prosecutors’ pursuit of Mr. Lindberg and his associates, a saga that has had many twists. The guilty plea indicates that prosecutors are continuing with their investigation and could be […]

    Numerous Facts Omitted From Recent Wall Street Journal Article On Greg Lindberg’s North Carolina Insurance Companies

    {December 27th, 2022} by 633 Days LLC

      DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A spokesperson for Greg Lindberg says that the Wall Street Journal’s recent article on Greg Lindberg’s insurance companies omitted numerous facts: • Single-Family Real Estate Investment – Mr. Lindberg has never spent a single night inside the Raleigh, N.C. house referred to in the Wall […]

    Greg Lindberg responds to new Justice Department allegations against Christopher Herwig

    {December 27th, 2022} by 633 Days LLC

    Largest Policyholder Says These False Claims Don’t Help Them DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Greg Lindberg responded today to false allegations about him that were included in the Justice Department’s criminal filing against Christopher Herwig (U.S. vs. Christopher Herwig, Case No. 3:22-cr-314-MOC, filed on Monday, December 19, and unsealed today.) […]

    Top life insurance stories of 2022 focused on COVD-19, business case for buying life insurance

    {December 27th, 2022} by Ayo Mseka

    Advisors spend a great deal of time persuading their prospects to protect themselves and their loved ones with the gift of life insurance. The most popular stories in 2022 ranged from record setting indexed life sales to re-thinking the “buy term and invest the difference” strategy, to the continuing controversy over IUL illustrations. Here’s a […]

    Prosperity Issues Response to AEL

    {December 27th, 2022} by Prosperity

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prosperity Group Holdings LP (“Prosperity”) today released the following statement: Yesterday, American Equity Investment Life Holding Company (“AEL” or the “Company”) (NYSE: AEL) released a statement regarding Prosperity’s interest in acquiring the Company. Prosperity is issuing this press release to affirm our interest in acquiring AEL and to address certain claims made in […]

    American Equity Rejects Unsolicited Acquisition Proposal from Prosperity Group Holdings LP and Elliott Investment Management L.P.

    {December 27th, 2022} by American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–American Equity Investment Life Holding Company (“American Equity”) (NYSE: AEL), a leading provider of financial dignity solutions through general account annuities, today confirmed that its Board of Directors reviewed and rejected an unsolicited, non-binding proposal from Prosperity Group Holdings LP (“Prosperity”) and its principal shareholder, Elliott Investment Management L.P. (“Elliott”) to […]

    AM Best Revises Outlooks to Positive for Fidelity & Guaranty Life Holdings, Inc. and Its Life/Health Subsidiaries

    {December 27th, 2022} by AM Best

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AM Best has revised the outlooks to positive from stable and affirmed the Financial Strength Rating of A- (Excellent) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings (Long-Term ICR) of “a-” (Excellent) of Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company (Des Moines, IA) and Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company of New York, (New York, NY). These […]

    TIAA Applauds Passage of “SECURE 2.0” Retirement Legislation

    {December 27th, 2022} by TIAA

    NEW YORK, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TIAA issued the following statement from Kourtney Gibson, Chief Institutional Client Officer, upon passage of retirement provisions in SECURE 2.0: “TIAA commends Congress for uniting on this vital legislation to improve Americans’ retirement outcomes and make a financially secure future more accessible for all. Access to retirement plans and opportunities to […]

    Transamerica Applauds the Passage of the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022

    {December 27th, 2022} by Transamerica

    BALTIMORE, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Transamerica commends the passage of the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022, included in the year-end government spending bill. SECURE 2.0 is a bipartisan package of provisions built to encourage retirement savings primarily through employer-sponsored, qualified retirement plans. “The passage of SECURE 2.0 is an important step in increasing Americans’ ability to […]

    Academy: Today’s Passage of SECURE 2.0 Is a Win for Retirement Security

    {December 27th, 2022} by American Academy of Actuaries

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The SECURE 2.0 legislation that passed today as part of Congress’ year-end, omnibus spending bill is a significant and welcome step forward in improving the U.S. retirement system, and includes key reforms that Pension Practice Council (PPC) committees of the American Academy of Actuaries have advised public policymakers are aligned with expanding access, […]

    Symetra Financial Corporation Establishes Bermuda Affiliate

    {December 27th, 2022} by Symetra

    BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Working with regulators in the U.S., Japan and Bermuda, Symetra Financial Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, today announced that it had established Symetra Bermuda Re Ltd. to reinsure certain risks of Symetra Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Symetra Financial Corporation. Symetra Bermuda Re is registered with the […]

    Lindberg Associate Pleads Guilty to Charges in Lindberg Insurance Case

    {December 27th, 2022} by David Pilla

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. //BestWire// – A former business associate of insurance and finance executive Greg Lindberg pleaded guilty to one or more charges related to the failure of businessman Greg Lindberg’s insurance businesses. Christopher Herwig, former chief investment officer for Lindberg-owned entities, pleaded guilty in a recently unsealed indictment in U.S. Superior Court for the Western […]

    Secure 2.0 Act Still Leaves Holes in Retirement Planning

    {December 27th, 2022} by Teresa Ghilarducci

    Congress has passed a bill called Secure 2.0 to help American workers save for retirement. Support was bipartisan: Mitch McConnell and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez both voted for it. But although there are some good pieces to the legislation, no one should confuse it with a solution to the nation’s retirement crises. And in fact, a better alternative was […]

    10 Ways Secure 2.0, Part of Spending Bill, Changes Retirement Planning

    {December 27th, 2022} by Melanie Waddell

    Retirement experts are busy digesting the more than 350 pages of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (Secure) 2.0 Act of 2022, which has been included in the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill that the Senate passed Thursday afternoon. The House is expected to pass it this week. “Assuming the bill passes, and I believe […]

    House Passes Secure 2.0 Act in $1.7T Spending Bill

    {December 27th, 2022} by Melanie Waddell

    The full House passed by a 225-201 vote Friday afternoon the omnibus spending bill, which includes the sweeping retirement package: the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (Secure) 2.0 Act of 2022. The bill now heads to President Joe Biden for his signature. Click HERE to read the full story via ThinkAdvisor   Wink’s […]

    Wishing you many Christmas Blessings!

    {December 20th, 2022} by Wink's Intel Pros

      Wishing many Christmas blessings to you! We hope this holiday brings you all the joy and happiness you so richly deserve. -Sheryl Moore and the Wink, Inc. family     The Wink offices will be closed on December 23rd & 26th to celebrate the holiday with our families. We will also be closed on […]

    Stellar National Holdings Launches New Life Insurance Company

    {December 20th, 2022} by Stellar National Life

    CHICAGO, IL – December 13, 2022 – Stellar National Holdings, LLC today announced the acquisition and rebranding of American Labor Life Insurance Company to Stellar National Life Insurance Company (“Stellar National Life”). Stellar National Life is being launched with a focus on becoming a fully digital issuer of annuities and a partner of choice for […]

    AIG to Officially Shut Unit That Failed in Financial Crisis

    {December 20th, 2022} by Leslie Scism

    American International Group Inc.’s infamous Financial Products unit—the one that nearly took down the global economy in 2008 with wrong-way bets on mortgages—is on its way to an official demise. AIG announced today that the unit has filed a voluntary petition for chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware, as a way to close for good. Back […]

    DOL receives nearly 50k comments on independent contractor rule

    {December 20th, 2022} by John Hilton

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is calling on the Department of Labor to scrap its independent contractor rule. The DOL independent contractor proposal would make it harder for companies to treat workers as independent contractors, potentially upending several industries, including financial services. Controversy continues to follow the rule proposals, which affect various industries in different ways. Click […]

    AIG subsidiary files bankruptcy amid ongoing lawsuit by former execs

    {December 20th, 2022} by John Hilton

    A subsidiary of insurer American International Group Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday, a move panned by a group of former executives suing the insurer. AIG Financial Products Corp. made the filing Wednesday in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware and plans to reorganize. AIG said in a regulatory filing that […]

    NAIC regulators decline to move life illustration rework forward

    {December 20th, 2022} by John Hilton

    A state insurance task force passed on a chance to endorse reopening the overall life insurance illustration model law, leaving the effort in limbo going forward. The Life Actuarial Task Force met last week during the fall meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. During its two-day meeting, the panel declined to refer opening […]

    Zurich to Stop Accepting Applications for Indexed and Term Life

    {December 20th, 2022} by Cyril Tuohy

    “Zurich has expanded into other product lines that have a customer demographic that is far different than the high-net-worth individuals that they typically dealt with for their indexed life sales,” Sheryl Moore, CEO of Wink, publisher of Wink’s Sales & Market Report, said in an email. Reducing sales of indexed universal life were planned as a part […]

    Lincoln Financial Group Again Named One of America’s Most Responsible Companies

    {December 20th, 2022} by Lincoln Financial Group

    RADNOR, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) today announced it has been named one of America’s Most Responsible Companies 2023 by Newsweek Magazine. This year, the ranking focuses on a holistic view of corporate responsibility that considers all three pillars of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). “At Lincoln, we pride ourselves on being great corporate citizens, and continuously […]

    Life Insurance – the Gift that Keeps on Giving

    {December 20th, 2022} by SBLI

    WOBURN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the holidays approaching, people are frantically trying to find the perfect gifts for their children or grandchildren, whether it be a toy, a video game, or clothing. There is one gift, however, that they probably haven’t considered, but one that will leave a lasting legacy long after toys and clothes have been […]

    AM Best Affirms Credit Ratings of Prudential Financial, Inc. and Its Life/Health Subsidiaries

    {December 20th, 2022} by AM Best

    December 15, 2022 11:12 AM Eastern Standard Time OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AM Best has affirmed the Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of A+ (Superior) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings (Long-Term ICR) of “aa-” (Superior) of the life/health insurance subsidiaries of Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI) (Newark, NJ) [NYSE: PRU], referred to as Prudential. Concurrently, AM Best has affirmed […]

    Nearly 1 in 3 Americans Say Their Financial Situation Worsened Over the Last Year

    {December 20th, 2022} by Allianz Life

    MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More Americans say their financial situation is worse than a year ago and don’t expect it to improve in 2023, according to the New Year’s Resolutions Study* from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life). Nearly one in three Americans (29%) say their financial situation is worse now than a year ago. […]

    DALBAR Honors Financial Firms for Exceptional Customer Service

    {December 20th, 2022} by DALBAR, Inc

    MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DALBAR, Inc., the nation’s leading auditor of customer service in the financial services industry, published today the recipients of its prestigious 2022 DALBAR Service Award. An objective and rigorous audit using DALBAR’s proprietary measurement techniques and technology examines the customer service levels of contact centers and identifies those that stand out from the crowd. […]

    RetireOne and Nationwide Partner to Distribute Menu of Advisory Annuity Solutions

    {December 20th, 2022} by RetireOne

    SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RetireOne®, the leading independent platform for fee-based insurance solutions, and industry leader Nationwide are teaming up to expand the distribution of Nationwide’s advisory annuity products, allowing Nationwide to reach new markets. RetireOne, an outsourced insurance desk (OID), will begin distributing three of Nationwide’s advisory annuity solutions and the Nationwide Advisory Variable Universal Life product through […]

    AM Best Affirms Credit Ratings of Brighthouse Financial, Inc. and Its Subsidiaries

    {December 20th, 2022} by AM Best

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AM Best has affirmed the Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of A (Excellent) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings (Long-Term ICR) of “a+” (Excellent) of Brighthouse Life Insurance Company (headquartered in Charlotte, NC), New England Life Insurance Company (Boston, MA) and Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY (New York, NY). These entities collectively are referred […]

    Best’s Special Report: U.S. Insurers’ Structured Securities Holdings Continue to Rise

    {December 20th, 2022} by AM Best

    OLDWICK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Insurers continued to follow a years-long trend by increasing their structured securities investments in 2021, with 3% growth year over year to $1.14 trillion, according to a new AM Best special report. However, indications portray an uncertain picture for 2022 as issuances have dropped significantly. The Best’s Special Report, “Insurers’ Structured Securities Holdings Continue […]

    Most Americans See Room to Improve Their Overall Financial Wellness in 2023, Says New Lincoln Financial Group Study

    {December 20th, 2022} by Lincoln Financial Group

    RADNOR, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After a holiday season racking up credit card bills, Americans considering financial resolutions in the New Year are in good company. When looking back on 2022, 88% of Americans see room for improvement in their overall financial wellness and 71% say they are likely to set financial goals in 2023, according to new […]

    TIAA Traditional Increases Income Payments by 3% for 2023

    {December 20th, 2022} by TIAA

    A Fixed Annuity with a Long History of Paying Increases NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning in January 2023, income payments to TIAA Traditionali annuitants, will increase by 3%. The TIAA Traditional fixed annuity has paid more than the guaranteed minimum income payment every year since 1949.  In the past 25 years, TIAA has given 15 pay increases. […]

    Kansas City Life Statement on Class Action Lawsuit Verdict

    {December 20th, 2022} by Kansas City Life Insurance

    KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As previously disclosed in its financial reports, Kansas City Life Insurance Company (the “Company”) is a party to a class action lawsuit filed in the 16th Circuit Court for the State of Missouri (Jackson County) styled Karr v. Kansas City Life Insurance Company (the “Karr Action”).  On Dec. 9, 2022, the jury in […]

    Future-Proofing the U.S. Retirement System Requires Addressing Demographic Disparities

    {December 20th, 2022} by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

    New report examines demographic influences and vulnerable populations in the U.S. workforce LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Almost half of U.S. workers (49 percent) expect their primary source of retirement income to come from self-funded savings such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, and other savings and investments. However, the total household retirement savings among workers is only $67,000 (estimated […]

    America’s Youngest Adults Plan to Retire Earlier Than Any Generation Before Them

    {December 19th, 2022} by Northwestern Mutual

    Northwestern Mutual study shines light on the financial habits and instincts of Generation Z MILWAUKEE, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The nation’s youngest adults are taking significant steps to improve their financial wellbeing with the goal of retiring at age 59 – years ahead of the generations that preceded them. New data from Northwestern Mutual’s 2022 Planning & […]

    Annuity Issuers Need Regulatory Clarity: Scott Golde

    {December 19th, 2022} by Allison Bell

    Scott Golde is unhappy about the current state of U.S. annuity regulation. Golde is senior vice president, chief ethics and compliance officer at Jackson Financial, a Lansing, Michigan-based annuity giant. Golde earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Indiana University and a law degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Early in his career, […]