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How We Operate

Let it be known- we are the best at what we do. You cannot obtain better, more reliable, thorough competitive intel from any firm other than Wink!

The Wink Way

  • Wink has relationships with every insurance carrier housed in our system
  • Wink pulls the policy filings/specimen contracts for EVERY product in our system
  • Wink requests the collateral materials, commission information, rates, and state approvals directly from the insurance carrier
  • Wink assembles the product specs to ensure full disclosure and standardization
  • Wink requires the carrier’s compliance approval on all product specs
  • Wink updates their products/rates every day, 24/7, 365. Who else can say that?
Our team gets it!

You won’t get rate chasers with I.T. skills here. We ARE the product experts!


“Wink exceeds expectations not only by maintaining a wealth of well-presented information on the Wink website, but also through their professional and personalized approach in responding to questions."

-J. Barnett, Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation