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Analysis Tools

Here at Wink, we do the work so that you don’t have to!

We know that some competitive intel can just be impossible to find. Other data may be lacking in details. Are you concerned about the reliability and timeliness of your data? That’s where Wink comes in.

With three decades of competitive intelligence experience, we have resources that others simply don’t. As product experts, we understand the importance of communicating the finer points of insurance products. Accuracy and punctuality are our strong suits! Aggregately, these translate to one heck of an awesome team, backing a phenomenal set of tools.

We offer several competitive intelligence tools for the life insurance and annuity industries. Whether you are looking for product information, market trends, data on interest rates, or even sales figures- we’ve got you covered. Check out:

Stop searching. Think Wink.

“Wink is kept up-to-date with reliable details on product features, rates and commissions.  The search functions and reporting features allow you to be current on the industry. "

-B. Stout, Midland National Life Insurance Company