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“We rely on LifeSpecs as our key source for accurate, detailed, and up-to-date indexed life information. There is no other resource that provides us with such a vast array of easy to use searches, product rates, side-by-side product comparisons, sales information, and indexed life updates. Sheryl and her staff exceed expectations not only by maintaining a wealth of well presented information on LifeSpecs, but also through their professional and personalized approach in responding to questions. This is a ‘must have’ subscription for competition, product development, and product management purposes.”
J. Barnett, Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation

“As a group of Annuity Product Specialists at Asset Marketing Systems, we have a responsibility to our agents to give accurate, up-to-date, in-depth, and complex information about ALL different types of annuity products offered by many different insurance carriers. AnnuitySpecs is a reliable third-party resource that we use daily to provide this important information to our producers out in the field. We love the ability to create customized, detailed, and uniform side-by-side comparisons that we can send to agents for competitive analysis and product education. Sheryl and her staff are always responsive and a pleasure to work with! AnnuitySpecs is like a one-stop-shop for annuity producers!”
N. Ordway, T. Bourque, C. Coffey, Annuity Product Specialists – Asset Marketing Systems

“In my current role, it is very important for me to have fast, accurate, and pertinent data on the Indexed UL marketplace. There are many sources around the industry for this information, but I have not found any that compare to what Sheryl and her team have to offer. In addition to the actionable information that we receive regarding sales data, the access to current and accurate IUL product information is critical to the success of my group. As the Indexed UL space continues to evolve day-by-day, the services that are offered by this team become more imperative. Sheryl and her team are great to work with and are attentive to the needs of my organization. Sheryl is definitely a “rockstar” but her “band-mates” are pretty good too!”
J. Christie, Lincoln Financial Network

“Sheryl’s company and staff have become an integral part of our Advisor Development Department. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t use their website for internal knowledge or advisor assistance. In fact, part of the department’s daily operations revolves around their services. Sheryl’s intuitive insight, knowledge and research has had a tremendous positive impact on our company and the industry. We can’t say enough great things about the value her services have brought to our company.”
S. Magoon, Covenant Reliance Producers

“LifeSpecs is our go-to source when we need information on the indexed-linked life market. Sheryl and her gang are the best in the industry – hands down.”
A. Grissom, Standard and Poor’s

“We’re into our fifth year subscription of AnnuitySpecs and couldn’t be more pleased. From a marketer’s standpoint, it’s a nice tool to have at your fingertips when on the phone with an agent. The support we get from the folks at AnnuitySpecs is great and if we get in bind, they’re quick to find the answers we need. It’s nice to have them on our team and we are pleased with the enhancements they’ve added in the last year. We look forward to what they’ve got for us down the road. We view them as partners and I believe they feel the same of us.”
P. Behrens, Davis Life Brokerage

“In our fast-paced business as an Insurance Marketing Organization, it is CRUCIAL to have instant access to all information related to indexed life products. This helps us to create a competitive edge over other IMOs by being able to provide our independent financial advisor and life insurance agent clients with the latest, up-to-date information on everything from participation rates, caps, spreads, and illustrated rates for every indexed life product available for sale. We truly view LifeSpecs as a “one-stop-shop” for all of our indexed life needs. LifeSpecs is a complete “no-brainer” for a competitive IMO!”
D. Hemphill, InsurMark, Inc.

“Sheryl’s AnnuitySpecs website has been a valuable resource for our business as well as an important component of our product development efforts. I have not found another source that can match the quality of information that is found on the site, nor the responsiveness of Sheryl and her team in responding to questions and requests for information. I commend Sheryl for the work she does on behalf of the industry and her passion for it.”
D. Shemi, Legacy Marketing Group

“I’ve been a devotee of product due diligence for almost 30 years. I have subscriptions to several software surveillance systems for product summaries and their histories. When it comes to indexed universal life products, there’s only one I turn to…LifeSpecs.”
S. Schneider, a.k.a. Steve Savant, host of the daily talk show “The Business Insurance Zone

“I have been using AnnuitySpecs on a daily basis for more than four years. AnnuitySpecs is the most user-friendly and up-to-date source for index annuity information that I have been able to find. Whenever I have a project that requires additional product-related research the Wink team is always willing and able to assist me right away. The team is great to work with and you can tell that they enjoy doing what they do. AnnuitySpecs ranks as one of my most valuable product comparison tools.”
T. Chaffee, Sammons Financial Group

“Sheryl and her staff have provided us and our producers with a very thorough tool for comparing indexed UL. With several carriers recently entering this space, and with others expanding their portfolios, it’s imperative for us to keep these specs readily accessible at our fingertips – LifeSpecs allows us to do this. We especially like the opportunity to review products of which we currently do not market, to determine if there’s a need to add them to our already expansive product line. LifeSpecs is a must-have tool for indexed life producers and producer groups.”
S. Sigler, Financial Independence Group Marketing

“Sheryl’s company, Wink, has become the industry standard for index annuity knowledge and sales results. Her personal knowledge and insight on annuity products has helped several companies, including The Standard. I would highly recommend Sheryl and Wink.”
R. Lane, The Standard

“Working with Sheryl and her team at Wink has been a great experience. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised at the teams knowledge of the indexed-linked insurance space and their willingness to help with anything I’ve asked of them. From a reports standpoint, not only does Wink provide insightful information in a clear and concise manner, they do it in a way that’s very logical and useful. While we buy industry reports from many vendors, I grab our Wink’s reports first when researching something in the indexed-linked insurance space.”
A. Grissom, Standard and Poor’s



"The Wink staff is always responsive and a pleasure to work with!"

-T. Bourque, Asset Marketing Systems