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  • How do you stay in-the-know?


    We look to the Wink team for accurate information and assistance in understanding this constantly changing industry, and they deliver!

    J. Thudium

  • Those with the most positive outlook live the longest.

    Use the LifeSpecs tool to search for life insurance products with loan provisions to aid in living benefits.


    Rock-solid relationships

    The most connected folks in the insurance industry, obtaining intel on your behalf.

  • Based on my calculations, I can retire 5 years after I die.

    Sounds like she needs an annuity! Find it by searching 2,750+ annuities in our AnnuitySpecs tool.


Delivering the data you need! Our strength is creating deep relationships that aid in the exchange of information through a team of phenomenal, professional, and pretty darn cool people. As a result, we have the information that others just don’t. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, we offer competitive intelligence and market research in the life insurance and annuity industries; serving financial services professionals, distributors, manufacturers, regulators, and consultants on both a domestic and global basis.

5 Greenwood Terrace Des Moines, IA 50312 - (855) 275.9465

Des Moines, Iowa is the indexed annuity capital of the WORLD!