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Archive for February 2012


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  • Sagicor Life to Acquire Pemco Mutual's Life Insurance Business

    {February 29th, 2012} by Fran Matso Lysiak

    Best’s News Service – February 27, 2012 03:42 PM AUSTIN, Texas – Sagicor Life Insurance Co. said it has agreed to acquire the outstanding shares of Pemco Life Insurance Co. from the Washington State-based Pemco Mutual Insurance Co. If approved, Sagicor Life would gain about 10,000 term and whole life policies and 7,500 new customers. […]

    Florida Becomes 20th State to Impose Annuity Suitability Standards

    {February 29th, 2012} by N/A

    From the Washington Bureau February 27, 2012 • Florida is moving to become the 20th state to impose suitability standards of sales of annuities. In legislation that recently passed the Florida House, the state is enacting an NAIC model law originally designed to protect seniors when they purchase or exchange annuity products. The model law […]

    An Unattractive Proposition

    {February 29th, 2012} by Dan Moisand

    February 28, 2012 In my column last month, “Economists Love ’Em, Clients Hate ‘Em,” I outlined some of the reasons economists are largely fans of immediate annuities. But most clients don’t buy them, and the biggest deterrent may not be what you think it is. By Dan Moisand In my column last month, “Economists Love […]

    Sammons Retirement Solutions, Inc.(SM) Bucks the Trend

    {February 29th, 2012} by N/A

    press release Feb. 27, 2012, 5:44 p.m. EST Sammons Retirement Solutions, Inc.(SM) Bucks the Trend WEST DES MOINES, IA, Feb 27, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — According to many financial experts, the time to enter into any market may just be when the rest of the world is getting out. That would appear to be […]

    Advisor Faces 4 Years in Prison for 1 Annuity

    {February 29th, 2012} by Steven A. Morelli

    By Steven A. Morelli InsuranceNewsNet Editor’s Note: This is a sneak peek at the March 2012 issue of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine. For photos and a timeline, view the article here. Glenn A. Neasham was sure the state didn’t have a strong case against him as he watched the jury file into the courtroom with his verdict. […]

    Longevity insurance may be for you

    {February 27th, 2012} by J. Brendan Ryan

    5:33 PM, Feb. 24, 2012 | There are a lot of risks for retirees to worry about. There is inflation risk, market risk, interest-rate risk, and many more. But there is another risk that is just recently being talked about: longevity risk. This is the risk that one will live longer than the finances were […]

    Annuity Inflows Down 20% in Jan. to $6.2B

    {February 27th, 2012} by Bari Trontz

    Business   Wire, Inc. NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Insurance & Retirement Services (I&RS) released today January information on activity in the market for annuity products from its award-winning Analytic Reporting for Annuities online information service, which leverages data from the transactions that DTCC processes for the industry. Analytic Reporting […]

    Does the Public Need Lessons in Annuities?

    {February 27th, 2012} by Maria Wood

    A Conversation with Pru’s Bruce Ferris By Maria Wood February 23, 2012 • Reprints   Bruce Ferris, (below right) head of sales and distribution for Prudential Annuities, doesn’t worry so much about low interest rates, although he concedes that has an effect on the business. What’s he’s more concerned about is making the public more […]

    Allianz Life's Operating Profit Dips 9% in 2011

    {February 27th, 2012} by Warren S. Hersch

    By Warren S. Hersch February 23, 2012 • Reprints   Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, Minneapolis, posted an operating profit of $428 million for its 2011 financial year. The result is a decline of 9% from the $472 million in operating profit the company reported for all of 2010. However, Allianz Life says […]

    Allianz Blames Greek Debt in 46% Profit Plunge

    {February 27th, 2012} by David Pilla

    David   Pilla Allianz SE said impairments related to Greek sovereign debt were the main factor in a 46% fall in 2011 net income. The multiple-line insurer’s net income for the year fell to 2.8 billion euros (US$3.71 billion) from 5.2 billion euros a year earlier. Allianz reported 1.9 billion euros in “very conservative” nonoperating […]

    Appointments: Allianz, Lincoln, Mutual of Omaha, NAFA, Transamerica, US SIF

    {February 26th, 2012} by Warren S. Hersch

    By Warren S. Hersch February 21, 2012 • Reprints Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, Minneapolis, has named Jasmine Jirele as senior vice president of Enterprise Operations. In this role, Jirele will be responsible for leading operational and service processes, including new business, in-force, operations controls, contact center, and related supporting functions. Allianz says […]

    Callout to Obama: Protect Tax-Deferred Annuities

    {February 26th, 2012} by Daniel Williams

    By Daniel Williams February 17, 2012 • Reprints   Lost in the bliss of Valentine’s Day, I missed an email that hit my desk last week. In the wake of President Obama’s 2013 budget, the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) states “that while the proposed budget does not explicitly call for changes in the tax status […]

    We Need a Life Insurance Support Group

    {February 26th, 2012} by Corey Dahl

    By Corey Dahl February 21, 2012 • Reprints   We’re just a little over 50 days into 2012, and I’ve already forgotten my New Year’s resolutions. I wrote them down, but that scrap of paper is now buried somewhere in a giant pile in my home office. “Get organized” is likely scrawled on it — […]

    A.M. Best Special Report: U.S. Life/Annuity Insurers Shifting Gears In Volatile Economic Environment

    {February 26th, 2012} by Andrew Edelsberg

    press release Feb. 22, 2012, 10:52 a.m. EST OLDWICK, N.J., Feb 22, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The U.S. life/annuity industry battled continuing macroeconomic challenges in 2011, emerging relatively unscathed with modest investment impairments and a return to fairly large unrealized gains in their fixed-income portfolios. As indicated in A.M. Best Co.’s “Life/Annuity Review & Preview […]

    Pacific Life Launches New Deferred, Fixed Indexed Annuity

    {February 26th, 2012} by June Arce

    Business Wire, Inc. Pacific Index ChoiceSM is the latest addition to Pacific Life’s annuity product line NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The lessons of today’s unpredictable markets have led many retirees and pre-retirees to seek sources of income they can feel confident in, where principal is safe and where there’s an option of a guaranteed lifetime […]

    Regulators Call for Annuity Income Guarantee Scrutiny

    {February 26th, 2012} by Linda Koco

    By Linda Koco Contributing Editor, AnnuityNews A group of state regulators has recommended that annuity products that provide guaranteed income benefits in innovative ways be classified as hybrids. This development should be of strong interest to producers and distributors as well as carriers, because one of the affected products is a top seller — the […]

    Indexed Annuities: The Next Big Thing?

    {February 25th, 2012} by Maria Wood

    By Maria Wood February 24, 2012 • Reprints  Low interest rates and stress-inducing market upheavals can make any investor, especially those nearing retirement, a bit shell–shocked. But there may be a cure. According to report from Conning Research & Consulting, indexed annuities are positioned for growth‑if carriers meet certain headwinds. Scott Hawkins, (below right) vice […]

    Getting started with your Ph.D. in interest crediting on indexed annuities and indexed life

    {February 22nd, 2012} by Sheryl J. Moore

    How on earth is one supposed to get started in learning how to calculate the interest earned on indexed annuities and indexed life insurance? I speak to advisors every day who are interested in the products, yet lack the resources necessary to learn the basics of indexed life and annuities. Wouldn’t it be nice if […]

    Insurance Insight Group Names Harry N. Stout Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

    {February 22nd, 2012} by N/A

    February 21, 2012 Park City, UT – February 21, 2012 – Insurance Insight Group, LLC, the leading marketing communications, training and strategic consulting firm serving the U.S. life insurance industry has announced that Harry N. Stout has joined as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. Stout is an acknowledged senior leader in the global financial […]

    Can Fixed Annuities Survive in an Era of Low Interest Rates?

    {February 22nd, 2012} by Kenneth L. Brown

    By Kenneth L. Brown February 21, 2012 • Reprints   Much as New Year’s Day prompts Americans to commit to achieving healthier lifestyles, the federal tax deadline is a perennial call to action to get their financial lives in order. As a consequence, many producers see an increase in client interest to get serious about […]

    Allianz Life Promotes Jasmine Jirele to Senior Vice President, Enterprise Operations

    {February 22nd, 2012} by N/A

    press release Feb. 21, 2012, 11:08 a.m. EST MINNEAPOLIS, Feb 21, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life) named Jasmine Jirele as the new senior vice president, Enterprise Operations. In this role, Jirele will be responsible for leading operational and service processes, including new business, in-force, operations controls, contact […]

    Richard Aneser Named Chief Marketing Officer of Lincoln Financial Distributors

    {February 22nd, 2012} by N/A

    press release Feb. 21, 2012, 9:40 a.m. EST PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Lincoln Financial Distributors (LFD), the wholesale distribution subsidiary of Lincoln Financial Group /quotes/zigman/232274/quotes/nls/lnc LNC -2.95% , today announced that Richard Aneser has joined the organization as Chief Marketing Officer, effective immediately. In this newly-created position, Aneser will play a […]

    Industry Groups Struggle to Provide Data for Fiduciary Standard

    {February 22nd, 2012} by Arthur D. Postal

    From the Washington Bureau By Arthur D. Postal February 17, 2012 • Reprints Insurance industry trade groups are having difficulty providing the basic data the Department of Labor says it needs to prepare an economic impact study that must be included in its new proposal for a revised definition of fiduciary in sale of retirement […]

    Stand-Alone Living Benefits: Guaranteeing Lifetime Income Without an Annuity

    {February 22nd, 2012} by William H. Byrnes, Esq., Robert Bloink, Esq., LL.M.

    By William H. Byrnes, Esq., Robert Bloink, Esq., LL.M. February 14, 2012 • Reprints   Delaware resident Susan Martin, right, seen with her mother, Betty Gresick, is retired but has no retirement fund. AP Photo: Bradley C. Bower. Guaranteed lifetime income is increasingly important for retirees in a post-pension world. But the primary vehicle for […]

    Contingent Annuity Creates Controversy

    {February 20th, 2012} by Brian Bertsch

    Business   Wire, Inc. NEW YORK & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fitch notes the latest product offering aimed at the longevity risk protection market, the contingent annuity (CA), is generating controversy. From a ratings perspective, we are concerned with the ultimate risk profile of any CA products, pricing adequacy, questions of transparency, and how the product will […]

    LIMRA: Strong 1H Propels 2011 Annuities to $240B

    {February 20th, 2012} by Catherine Theroux

    LIMRA: Strong Sales in the First Half of 2011 Propel Total Annuity Sales to Reach $240 Billion in 2011 WINDSOR, Conn., Feb. 16, 2012 — Total annuity sales increased eight percent in 2011, compared to 2010, to reach $240.3 billion, according to LIMRA’s fourth quarter 2011 U.S. Individual Annuities Sales survey, which represents data from […]

    The Skinny on Fat Annuity Fees

    {February 16th, 2012} by Sheryl J. Moore

    By Sheryl J. Moore February 15, 2012 One major complaint that naysayers have with annuities are the fees. They say annuities are “expensive.” Well, let’s talk about those fees. We’ll begin our discussion with the most fee-laden variety, the variable annuity (VA). The typical VA has average annual charges near 4.5 percent, all-in. Here’s the […]

    Lesar and Schriml Promoted to Divisional Vice Presidents at Great American Financial Resources

    {February 16th, 2012} by Diane P. Weidner

    CINCINNATI, Feb 15, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Great American Financial Resources is pleased to announce that Mike Lesar and Rebecca Schriml have been promoted to Divisional Vice Presidents in its Finance operations. Mr. Lesar has been with the Company since 1997 and is currently responsible for managing Actuarial Financial Reporting for fixed and indexed annuities […]

    The Worst (and Best) of Times for Annuity Providers

    {February 15th, 2012} by Maria Wood

    A product the public wants and needs. By Maria Wood February 10, 2012 Cheer up, annuity providers. In every down market, there is an upside. That’s the way Sam Freidman (below right), insurance leader, Deloitte Research, sees it. The New York City-based executive recently spoke to LifeHealthPro.com about the current and future state of the […]

    ING Groep Profit Up on Asset Sales

    {February 15th, 2012} by Toby Sterling

    By Toby Sterling February 9, 2012 AP Photo/Peter Dejong AMSTERDAM (AP)—ING Groep NV is struggling with how to repay €3 billion ($4 billion) it still owes the Dutch state from bailouts following the 2008 financial crisis but is unlikely to spin off its insurance business until sometime in 2013. The remarks from chief executive Jan […]

    Watch What You Say About ‘Lesser-Known’ Indexes

    {February 15th, 2012} by Linda Koco

    By Linda Koco Contributing Editor, AnnuityNews Iowa regulators are taking a serious look at the disclosure practices that insurance producers and carriers use when talking about financial indices with their indexed annuity and indexed life clients. Last week, the state’s Insurance Division and Department of Commerce hosted a meeting to discuss this informally with 30 […]

    A Perfect Storm for Indexed Annuities

    {February 14th, 2012} by Mike Miller

    By Mike Miller February 13, 2012 The focus for retirement investors has shifted in recent years from the return on principal to a return of principal. During the economic boom of the early 2000s, investors were all about maximizing returns to build a bigger retirement nest egg. But then the financial crisis hit, depleting the […]

    Anatomy of a Successful Advisor

    {February 14th, 2012} by Todd Greider

    By Todd Greider February 13, 2012 It’s no secret that building a successful business is challenging. So why do some advisors succeed at building a business where others fail? Are they simply more talented? Do they have more resources, a better location or perhaps a better marketing system? The answer is “none of the above.” […]

    The Hartford’s Biggest Stakeholder Wants to Split Up the Firm

    {February 14th, 2012} by Young Ha

    The Hartford Financial Services Group’s biggest stakeholder is not happy with its stock price and wants The Hartford CEO Liam McGee to do “something drastic,” including splitting up the company’s life insurance and P/C businesses. Speaking at the company’s earnings call last week, John Paulson, the billionaire hedge fund manager who controls the largest stake […]

    Minnesota Life, a Securian subsidiary, adds 2 index options for Eclipse Life products

    {February 13th, 2012} by Maggie Jensen

    St. Paul, MN, February 13, 2011 – Two index options added  by Minnesota Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Securian Financial Group,  to its Eclipse Indexed Universal Life Insurance products offer more account  options and potential for higher interest crediting for indexed life insurance  clients. The new options are: ·        S&P 500® with three year […]

    Feds' Proposals Support Annuities

    {February 13th, 2012} by Eileen Ambrose

    By Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun McClatchy-Tribune Information Services Feb. 07–Until recently, retirement planning focused mostly on helping workers accumulate savings. Now, the Treasury Department is tackling another aspect: making sure retirees don’t run out of money. The department last week proposed two regulations to make it easier for workers to get annuities through their […]

    Addressing the Appeal of Indexed Annuities

    {February 11th, 2012} by Ron Panko

    Click here to listen to an audio with A.M. Best’s Ron Panko and American Equity Investment Life’s Ron Grensteiner.

    What Happens if Your Insurance Company Fails?

    {February 11th, 2012} by Steve Vernon

    GREAT article from CBS MoneyWatch regarding the safety of insurance companies; check it out!  

    NAIC Names 2012 Committee Leadership

    {February 10th, 2012} by N/A

    Targeted News Service WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 — The National Association of Insurance Commissioners issued the following news release: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has named its 2012 committee chairs and vice chairs, and assigned members to the organization’s standing committees. “This year’s committee leadership reflects the broad experience and expertise of our membership,” […]

    Purchasing Power Principle

    {February 8th, 2012} by Jacob Stern

    February 01, 2012 By Jacob Stern InsuranceNewsNetMagazine, February 2012 Most producers who offer indexed annuities understand the many benefits of the product: annual reset, protection of principal, ability to participate in a variety of markets and tax deferral. But one important aspect that is often overlooked is how these products can help protect our clients’ […]

    Annuities: Finding Certainty in an Uncertain World

    {February 8th, 2012} by David Port

    By David Port February 6, 2012   Talk all you like about how such factors as the interest rate environment, equity market volatility and baby boomer product tastes are impacting the annuity marketplace. When it comes down to it, the factor that today has the biggest hand in shaping both the supply and demand sides […]

    The Psychological Value Of Annuities

    {February 7th, 2012} by Frank Murtha

    February 06, 2012 Instead of being an impediment to higher returns, strategically framed annuities can become, paradoxically, the vehicle that allows clients to achieve them. By Frank Murtha We all remember the dreadful plunge of the equities markets in 2008 and 2009. How could we not? It was nothing short of traumatic, and naturally rekindled […]

    4 Ways New Annuity Rules Will Help Retirees

    {February 7th, 2012} by @PhilMoeller

    February 6, 2012 The White House last week strongly endorsed annuities  as a needed but missing piece of Americans’ retirement plans. Insurance  companies and annuity trade groups had something nice to say about  Washington regulators for a change. And the new rules just might set in  motion some interesting retirement-plan changes. [See Where Smart Investors […]

    New Annuity Rules for 401(k)s

    {February 7th, 2012} by @aimingtoretire

    February 6, 2012 The federal government is trying to make it easier for workers to buy annuities with their retirement savings. The Treasury Department issued several new regulations last week aimed at encouraging retirement savers to use their 401(k) balance to purchase an annuity that would guarantee monthly payments throughout retirement. [See How to Take […]

    Phoenix Launches New Distribution Agreement with National Agents Alliance

    {February 7th, 2012} by N/A

    Redesigned Simplified-Issue, Indexed Universal Life Insurance Product to be Sold Through Select Distributors HARTFORD, Conn., Feb 06, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The Phoenix Companies, Inc. /quotes/zigman/281685/quotes/nls/pnx PNX -0.59% today announced a distribution agreement with National Agents Alliance (NAA) under which NAA agents can offer the redesigned Phoenix Simplicity Index Life product to their client base. Phoenix […]

    Are the Volatile Markets Helping Your Annuity Business?

    {February 7th, 2012} by Daniel Williams

    By Daniel Williams February 6, 2012 What market conditions make for the best time to recommend indexed annuities to your clients? The easy answer would be anytime you’re in front of the client. However, a time of particular benefit, according to a recent conversation with advisors, is when the markets are volatile. It makes sense […]

    Even Fruit Flies Know the Importance of Life Insurance

    {February 7th, 2012} by Brian Anderson

    By Brian Anderson February 6, 2012 Fruit flies that promote the virtues of life insurance. Whouda thunk it? The LIFE Foundation, naturally. Fruit flies Frank and Fran are the nonprofit LIFE Foundation’s newest spokespeople, such as they are. Fruit flies are notorious for their short life spans, so they know there’s no time like the […]

    From 401(k) to annuity

    {February 6th, 2012} by N/A

    Published Feb 5, 2012 Published Sunday February 5, 2012 The New York Times It is one of the biggest conundrums of an aging society: Americans have salted away $11 trillion in retirement plans, yet millions still risk running out of money in old age. Last week, the government said it had some new tools to […]

    New Federal Proposals Will Make Annuities More Available To Workers

    {February 6th, 2012} by N/A

    Targeted News Service WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 — The American Council of Life Insurers issued the following news release: American workers will be better able to access annuities and address their lifetime retirement security needs under a series of steps taken today by the U.S. Treasury and Labor Departments, said the American Council of Life Insurers […]

    Insurance Industry Adds 1,100 Jobs in January

    {February 6th, 2012} by Jeff Jeffrey

    By Jeff Jeffrey A.M. Best Company, Inc. The U.S. insurance industry added 1,100 jobs in January — a mere 0.05% increase from the previous month, according to the latest employment report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On a year-to-year basis, the industry, which currently sits at roughly 2.2 million jobs, is about […]

    NJ Commissioner Considine to Step Down; Chief of Staff Tapped for Post

    {February 5th, 2012} by Jeff Jeffrey

    Jeff Jeffrey Gov. Chris Christie said state Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Thomas Considine would be stepping down to take a job as chief operating officer of MagnaCare. Christie has appointed Considine’s chief of staff Kenneth E. Kobylowski to succeed him. Christie said in a Jan. 30 press conference that part of Considine’s decision […]

    Bruised AIG Bounces Back From Bailout

    {February 5th, 2012} by Meg Green

    Meg Green American International Group’s brand has weathered the financial crisis, and is making a comeback, experts said. “Looking back on it, it was a surprise to see how many experts were willing to leave [the AIG] brand for dead,” said Scott Piergrossi, vice president of creative development for Brand Institute, a branding consultant. AIG […]

    How Attractive are Our Safe Money Choices Today?

    {February 5th, 2012} by Sheryl J. Moore

    By Sheryl Moore AnnuityNews Since the United States stock market collapse of 2008, millions of Americans have seen their retirement savings dwindle. Many of these savers had their nest eggs exposed to the equities markets, and have subsequently suffered two periods of extreme losses in one decade. As a result, “safe money places” are getting […]

    Looking to Expand Your Portfolio? Consider Indexed Universal Life

    {February 5th, 2012} by Derek Welch

    By Derek Welch February 1, 2012 Indexed Universal Life (IUL) is the fastest growing individual life product. [1]   This popularity is largely attributed to the perceived potential for growth because unlike a traditional UL, where interest is credited based on a declared rate determined by the insurance company, IUL interest is credited based on the […]

    Allianz Life Announces Launch of Allianz 365i Annuity

    {February 5th, 2012} by N/A

    Exclusive product features indexed interest AND income protection Press Release: Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America – Tue, Jan 31, 2012 9:30 AM EST MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life), a leading provider of fixed index annuities (FIAs), today announced the launch of the Allianz 365iSM Annuity and Income Maximizer Rider, […]

    Allianz Gives $1.6 Million to Local Charities in 2011

    {February 5th, 2012} by Bill Coffin

    By Bill Coffin February 2, 2012 Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America contributed more than $1.6 million in 2011 to Twin Cities-based nonprofit organizations focused primarily on financial literacy and senior services. Company contributions were awarded through strategic relationships, a grant program, scholarships, and employee volunteer programs. “We are proud to support the crucial […]

    BB&T to Acquire P/C, Life Insurance Units of Wholesaler Crump Group

    {February 5th, 2012} by N/A

    North Carolina-based BB&T Corp. is buying the property/casualty and life insurance units of Roseland, N.J.- based insurance wholesaler Crump Group. Under the terms of the agreement, BB&T said it will pay $570 million in cash for Crump Property/Casualty Insurance Services and Crump Life Insurance Services, along with the rights to the Crump name. John Howard, […]

    Annuities Now Permitted To Be Unleashed in Retirement Plans

    {February 5th, 2012} by Elizabeth Festa

    By Elizabeth Festa February 2, 2012 Retirement, Image Courtesy AP So, you can have your annuities and eat them (or have them feed you for life), too, now.  The life insurance industry got a boon today when the Obama Administration endorsed the use of annuities in retirement plans, but also was affected in a final […]

    Creative Marketing Launches First IMO-Provided Deferred Compensation for Financial Professionals

    {February 5th, 2012} by N/A

      LEAWOOD, KS – January 30, 2012 – In an effort to round out its value offering to insurance agents and financial services professionals across the country, today, Creative Marketing becomes the first Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) to develop and launch an innovative deferred compensation plan for producers. This key differentiator will serve as the […]

    Liberty Life Changes Name to Athene Annuity & Life Following Merger

    {February 5th, 2012} by Caroline J. Saucer

    By Caroline J Saucer A.M. Best Company, Inc. Liberty Life Insurance Co. has changed its legal name to Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Co. and will operate under the brand name Athene Annuity. The move aligns the company, a retail fixed annuity and reinsurance provider, more closely with its Bermuda-based corporate parent, Athene Holding Ltd., […]

    Zurich Names Chief Underwriting Officer in North America

    {February 5th, 2012} by Caroline J. Saucer

    By Caroline J Saucer A.M. Best Company, Inc. Zurich has appointed Sabrina Hart as chief underwriting officer for global corporate in North America. Hart succeeds Paul Horgan, who is relocating to Switzerland to become global head of group reinsurance. She will continue to be located in New York, Zurich said in a statement. Hart returned […]

    ING Study: Cultural Influences Impact Retirement Planning and Decision-Making

    {February 5th, 2012} by N/A

    ING Study: Cultural Influences Impact Retirement Planning and Decision-Making Research finds non-whites more likely to rely on the media and Internet for information; Hispanics feel least prepared for retirement Windsor, Conn. (February 2, 2012) — ING U.S. released key findings today from a comprehensive study1 commissioned by the ING Retirement Research Institute that examined the […]

    Maybe your 401(k) isn’t all it was supposed to be

    {February 4th, 2012} by Susan Moore Vault

    By Susan Moore Vault | Posted: Friday, February 3, 2012 6:00 am “60 Minutes” recently re-aired an installment about 401(k)s and the fact that so many baby boomers are putting off retirement because they’ve lost so much money due to volatility of the markets. If you’re a babyboomer with a 401(k), I urge you to […]

    Pacific Life Sells Bank Subsidiary to Investors

    {February 4th, 2012} by Fran Lysiak

    By Fran Lysiak A.M. Best Company, Inc. The parent company of Pacific Life Insurance Co. has completed the sale of its subsidiary, College Savings Bank to a syndicate of investors. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. College Savings is a New Jersey-chartered savings bank. Along with the transaction, Pacific LifeCorp and its parent company, Pacific […]