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Archive for November 2011


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  • The 10/10 Rule: Ineffective and spreading like wildfire

    {November 28th, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    By Sheryl J. Moore AnnuitySpecs.com Limiting surrender charges on annuities because of bad agent behavior is like outlawing automobiles because they are used in the process of drunken driving deaths. More than a quarter of the states in our nation have insurance commissioners that have chosen to implement a rule which is fueled by false […]

    A House Divided over Agent Commissions

    {November 28th, 2011} by Elizabeth Festa

    By Elizabeth Festa November 23, 2011 The NAIC doesn’t lobby in Washington, but a divisive action this week makes it look to some state insurance regulators as if it is doing just that. According to some key state regulators in a recent conference call, the NAIC is making a key healthcare reform issue a political […]

    The Hidden Benefits Of Life Insurance

    {November 28th, 2011} by Thomas A. Heitz

    By Thomas A. Heitz InsuranceNewsNet Believe it or not – life insurance is much more than a policy that just provides coverage for one’s life. Many Americans do not truly understand what a life insurance policy has to offer. Unfortunately, due to this lack of life insurance knowledge, only one-third of Americans are covered by […]

    IRI Reports 3Q VA Product Changes Slow, Benefits Trending More Generous

    {November 28th, 2011} by N/A

    Lifetime GMWB Benefits Garner More Than 60% of New Sales Flows WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) today released a report on product trend updates within the U.S. variable annuity market. Compiled by Morningstar, the report found that variable annuity benefit activity for the third quarter slowed significantly from the robust filings made […]

    LIMRA: 3Q Individual Life Insurance Sales Up 6%

    {November 28th, 2011} by N/A

    Source:     Targeted News Service WINDSOR, Conn., Nov. 22 — LIMRA issued the following news release: Total individual life insurance premium grew six percent in the third quarter and five percent in the first nine months of 2011, due in large part to robust whole life sales (WL), according to LIMRA’s U.S. Individual Life Insurance […]

    How to Use Annuities for Retirement Income

    {November 27th, 2011} by Phil Moeller

    August 2, 2011 RSS Feed Print With retirement outlooks growing increasingly uncertain, the safety of guaranteed income streams looks more attractive each day. Annuities can provide such guarantees, so let’s take a look at them and consider whether they make sense for you. Simply stated, an annuity is a financial product sold by insurance companies […]

    Panel: Low Rates Batter UL But Value Still Strong

    {November 27th, 2011} by Linda Koco

      By Linda Koco InsuranceNewsNet PHOENIX – Carriers that offer universal life policies with secondary guarantees (ULSG) have responded to the low-interest rate environment by shortening the length of their guarantees, exiting the market altogether, or raising rates, said John Deremo, of Protective Life, during a panel here. Now the industry needs to bring value […]

    A Rational Look at a Much Maligned Product

    {November 27th, 2011} by Bob Seawright, Madison Avenue Securities

    Fixed index annuities have generated a great deal of criticism, but it seems that they succeed in the objectives for which they were designed. Few products within the financial services industry have received as much consistent criticism as fixed index annuities. An FIA is a type of deferred fixed annuity that earns interest or provides […]

    A Woman’s World?

    {November 27th, 2011} by Nichole Morford

    On sexism and insurance By Nichole Morford November 21, 2011 Women make up 50 percent of the U.S. workforce, and 57 percent of the student population at American universities. Among graduate students, the percentage is slightly higher: 59 percent are female. And, across every industry, there are powerful, public female leaders, from political dynamos (Secretary […]

    Guide Clients Down The Right Annuity-Route

    {November 27th, 2011} by Maureen McLaughlin

    By Maureen McLaughlin AnnuityNews In addition to securing your client the most effective, personalized life insurance, most agents also recognize the need to educate their prospects about the benefits provided by annuities. Our agents find it particularly important that we take our level of service and coverage to the next level, striving to guarantee that […]

    Insights into the annuity puzzle

    {November 25th, 2011} by N/A

      Why do most people love pensions but hate annuities? View the full story via InvestmentNews; registration required

    Phoenix CEO: Merger Talks Failed on Gap Between Share Price, True Worth

    {November 23rd, 2011} by Robert O'Connor

    Best’s News Service – November 21, 2011 03:56 PM LONDON – The failure of talks between Phoenix Group Holdings and Resolution Group about a possible merger reflected some frustration within Phoenix at the gap between its share price and what it sees as its true worth. That view was offered by Clive Bannister, group chief […]

    U.S. 3Q VA Sales Down 2% From 2Q Amid Rocky Stock Markets

    {November 23rd, 2011} by Fran Lysiak

    Fran Lysiak Source:     A.M. Best Company, Inc. Total third-quarter 2011 sales of variable annuities in the United States rose to $40.2 billion, an increase of 16% from the same period a year earlier, but fell 2% from this year’s second quarter, according to LIMRA. As the U.S. experiences a protracted low interest rate environment […]

    AnnuitySpecs.com CEO: 'Relatively Attractive Rates' Helping US Sales of Indexed Annuities

    {November 21st, 2011} by Fran Lysiak

    Fran Lysiak Total third-quarter 2011 sales of indexed annuities in the United States were $8.7 billion, down less than 1% from the same period a year ago but up 5% from the second quarter, according to AnnuitySpecs.com, a firm that tracks the data. The third-quarter sales volume was second only to the same quarter a […]

    Indexed Annuity Sales Climb in Third Quarter

    {November 19th, 2011} by Maria Wood

    By Maria Wood November 18, 2011 As variable annuity sales (VA) rise, so, too, are those of indexed annuities (IA). According to a third-quarter report from AnnuitySpecs.com, total IA sales hit $8.7 billion, up more than 5 percent from the previous quarter. Compared to the same period in 2010, sales decreased by less than 1 […]

    LIMRA: VA Sales Enjoy Double-Digit Growth in Third Quarter

    {November 19th, 2011} by Warren S. Hersch

    By Warren S. Hersch November 17, 2011 For the second consecutive quarter, variable annuity sales improved 16% compared to the prior year, totaling $40.2 billion in the third quarter, according to a new report. LIMRA, Windsor, Conn., published this finding in its U.S. Individual Annuities Sales survey. The report represents data from 94% of the […]

    Liberty Life Selects iPipeline to Automate Marketing, Selling and Processing of Annuities

    {November 18th, 2011} by N/A

    Forms, Illustrations, Data Services, iGO e-App and e-Policy to Deliver Integrated Agent Experience EXTON, Pa., Nov 17, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — iPipeline(R), the leader in on-demand marketing, selling and processing solutions for the nation’s top insurance carriers, distributors and producers, today announced that Liberty Life Insurance Company, the retail annuity subsidiary of Athene Holding Ltd., […]

    John Hancock latest to pare variable annuity distribution

    {November 17th, 2011} by Darla Mercado

    B-Ds get notice of pullback as job cuts in annuity unit are reported By Darla Mercado November 16, 2011 Under pressure from low interest rates and market volatility, John Hancock Financial Services Inc. is joining the ranks of carriers’ pulling its variable annuities from most distributors’ shelves. Notice of the change was given to most […]

    Annuity Complexities Suppress Sales, Study Says

    {November 17th, 2011} by N/A

    November 15, 2011 The complexity of annuities and the lack of knowledge advisors and investors have about them are big roadblocks to sales growth, according to a new study by Cogent Research and the Insured Retirement Institute. Although most advisors say they are very familiar with annuities, only 40% indicate they are very or extremely […]

    Uncapped: What does it really mean?

    {November 17th, 2011} by Luke Britt

    Added: November 9, 2011 If there is a large growth in the index over the term of the crediting strategy, the uncapped method may produce the best result. But it is not always the case. Recently, like many of you, I received a cold call from a marketing company offering an indexed annuity that is, […]

    The Ohlson Group, Inc Acquires Controlling Interest of SafeMoneyPlaces.com

    {November 17th, 2011} by Terri Gearlds

    November 15, 2011 Carmel, IN –  Raymond J. Ohlson, CLU, CRC, President and CEO of The Ohlson Group, announces that SMP International, LLC, has acquired www.safemoneyplaces.com.    The Ohlson Group, a national insurance marketing and consulting firm, has majority ownership and management control of SMP International LLC.  Jack Marrion, founder of Safe Money Places, remains as […]

    Diamonds Are Forever…So Are Annuities

    {November 17th, 2011} by Raymond J. Ohlson

    Posted By: Editor On 11/9/2011 10:10:00 PM By Raymond J. Ohlson AnnuityNews.com      Most people marvel at the lighthouse, a simple structure that played such a big role in navigating the sea. The lighthouse was designed to emit a beacon of light as an aid for ships at sea or on inland waterways. Lighthouses […]

    Liquidity: Annuity Buyers Want It but Most Don’t Use It

    {November 17th, 2011} by Linda Koco

    Posted By: Editor On 11/16/2011 11:33:00 AM By Linda Koco Contributing Editor, AnnuityNews Liquidity features may be the apple of the annuity buyer’s eye – but relatively few policyholders actually use them, according to advisors. “I think 99.9 percent of people have liquidity in their minds,” says Mark Lindsey, founder and producer with The Revolution […]

    Why are indexed life caps so much higher than indexed annuities?

    {November 17th, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    By Sheryl J. Moore AnnuitySpecs.com On annuities, insurance companies only have one way to make a profit — through a spread. On life insurance products, insurance companies have several ways that they can make a profit. The number one question asked since historical-low interest rates have depressed indexed annuity caps is, “Why are the caps […]

    Brokerage Industry Leader Roger McCarty Dies

    {November 17th, 2011} by November 16, 2011

    As leader of one of the nation’s largest brokerage firms, McCarty spearheaded the development of lead-generation programs, seminar systems, online marketing systems, product and agent sales training. By Warren S. Hersch November 16, 2011 Roger McCarty, a leader of one of the nation’s largest independent marketing organizations who spearheaded educational and training programs for life […]

    Study Shows Annuity Industry Poised for Growth

    {November 16th, 2011} by Anne Fallon

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov 15, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Two major changes are taking place in the annuity industry today. According to a new report released by Cogent Research and the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), conversations with advisors have become more emotional and are heavily geared toward securing retirement income as opposed to accumulating assets. In […]

    Total 3Q Annuity Sales Up 5% From Quarter-Prior

    {November 16th, 2011} by Advantage Group Associates

    November 15, 2011 Forty-one indexed annuity carriers participated in the 57th edition of AnnuitySpecs.com’s Indexed Sales & Market Report, representing 99% of indexed annuity production. Total third quarter sales were $8.7 billion, up over 5% from the previous quarter. As compared to the same period last year, sales were down less than 1%. “This was […]

    Fixed Annuities: The Missing Piece of Your Retirement Planning Puzzle?

    {November 15th, 2011} by Doug Lockwood

    By                            Doug LockwoodNovember 14, 2011    RSS Feed      Print  Doug Lockwood Increasingly, the responsibility for funding a comfortable retirement is shifting from the employer and the government to the individual. Many people contribute to employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs, but there is another tax-advantaged retirement vehicle that shouldn’t be overlooked: annuities. Annuity essentials An annuity […]

    Securian Promotes, Appoints Five to National Account, Retail Wholesaling Positions

    {November 15th, 2011} by N/A

    press release Nov. 14, 2011, 1:00 p.m. EST ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov 14, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Securian Financial Group, Inc. reorganized its retail products distribution system with a new hire, promotions for three people and expanded responsibilities for another. “These changes create a staffing structure with the resources to drive sales and revenue growth […]

    First Annual LifeHealthPro Industry Survey

    {November 15th, 2011} by Maria Wood

    By Maria Wood November 9, 2011 This year, Senior Market Advisor, part of LifeHealthPro.com, decided to do its first-ever Industry Survey to gauge the current attitude of advisors and others in the business of marketing insurance products to seniors as well as their outlook for the future. We also asked what gives their client sleepless […]

    AnnuitySpecs.com Releases Third Quarter, 2011 Indexed Sales Results

    {November 15th, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    — FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION — AnnuitySpecs.com Releases Third Quarter, 2011 Indexed Sales Results Forty-one indexed annuity carriers participated in the 57th edition of AnnuitySpecs.com’s Indexed Sales & Market Report, representing 99% of indexed annuity production. Total third quarter sales were $8.7 billion, up over 5% from the previous quarter. As compared to the same period […]

    Third Quarter 2011 Indexed Insurance Sales

    {November 15th, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Indexed Annuity AnnuitySpecs.com’s Indexed Sales & Market Report, 3rd Quarter 2011 shows third quarter 2011 indexed annuity sales were $8702 million, compared with sales of $8772 million for the third quarter of 2010. Third quarter indexed annuity sales were up over 5% when compared with the previous quarter, and down less than 1% when compared […]

    NAFA IMO Summit: Innovation, Competition Key to New Annuity Universe

    {November 14th, 2011} by Daniel Williams

    If you have a roomful of annuity experts together, you’d think there’d be more debate and disagreement, but that’s not the case. Oct. 19-21 in Boca Raton, Fla., the 2011 NAFA IMO Summit, “Building on Success,” took place and you would have thought it was the pastor preaching to the choir there were so many amens spoken. […]

    Variable Annuity Sales Surge In 3Q; Fixed Sales Fall

    {November 12th, 2011} by N/A

    Copyright: (c) 2011 Financial Planning. All rights Reserved. Source: Source Media, Inc. Wordcount: 231 The Insured Retirement Institute said third-quarter annuity sales rose to $57 billion in the third quarter, up 5% from the year-ago period. Sales year-to-date were $175.4 billion, up from $163.1 billion in 2010. Demand for guaranteed lifetime retirement income in the […]

    Industry Wide Annuity Sales Climb From 2010 Levels

    {November 12th, 2011} by N/A

    VA Sales on Pace to Exceed $150 Billion for 2011 / Indexed Capture Nearly Half of Fixed Market WASHINGTON, D.C. –The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) today announced preliminary third quarter results for the United States annuity industry. Annuity sales for the third quarter continue to increase, outpacing levels from the same time period last year. […]

    Why are Indexed Life Caps So Much Higher Than Indexed Annuities’?

    {November 11th, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Number one question asked since historical-low interest rates have depressed indexed annuity caps: “Why are the caps on indexed life insurance products so much higher than those on indexed annuities?” Good question. Simple answer. Let us explore how insurance companies are able to make a profit on each of these products. On annuities, insurance companies […]

    At What Interest Rate Would People Stop Buying Fixed Annuities?

    {November 10th, 2011} by Brian D. Mann

    November 09, 2011 By Brian D. Mann AnnuityNews.com   This article’s title is an intriguing question, and it appears the answer is that they would never stop.  Ever since I entered the industry, interest rates have been dropping, and yet fixed annuity sales have continued to rise.   Part of the reason sales continue to […]

    An Index Annuity ‘Alternative’ (with Double-Digit Cap Rates)

    {November 10th, 2011} by Michael Ham

    November 7, 2011 By Michael Ham Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Not only do seniors want the protection and guarantees of an annuity but baby boomers, too, are seeking out the benefits of tax deferral and historically higher potential crediting rates associated […]

    Money fund yields in variable annuities often less than zero

    {November 9th, 2011} by John Waggoner

    Click here to read this article.

    Carriers Back Away from Registered Indexed Annuities

    {November 9th, 2011} by Linda Koco

    November 09, 2011 By Linda Koco Contributing Editor, AnnuityNews ING Groep NV stopped selling registered indexed annuities at the end of October, and now some annuity watchers are wondering if that spells the end of the registered indexed annuity marketplace. Probably not, but registered sales will likely swoon for a while. The question comes up […]

    Primerica Reps to Distribute Lincoln Financial Indexed Annuities

    {November 9th, 2011} by John Sullivan

    The 82,000 Primerica employees are largest licensed annuity sales force in the U.S. By John Sullivan, AdvisorOne November 8, 2011 Lincoln Financial Group got a big boost to its annuity distribution channel Monday when it announced that 82,000 Primerica reps will now have access to Lincoln’s fixed indexed annuity products. According to the companies, implementation […]

    ING Unveils Time-Saving Illustration Mobile Tool for On-The-Go Life Insurance Agents

    {November 8th, 2011} by N/A

    ING Life Companies’ (ING) New Life Illustration  Express Mobile provides agents with instant access to run illustrations and  compare premiums for multiple life products from their mobile devices     By ING  U.S. ING U.S. Last  modified: 2011-11-07T16:19:55Z Published:  Monday, Nov.  7, 2011 –  8:19 am     Copyright 2011 . All rights reserved. This material may  […]

    NAIC to Scrutinize Contingent Annuities

    {November 8th, 2011} by Elizabeth Festa

    MetLife just says No to contingent annuities The NAIC is forming a working group to study the new market of contingent annuities and similarly designed products from an actuarial and policy standpoint, as various parties in the industry diverge on how the product should be classified and if, indeed, they should be sold under existing […]

    New Indexed Universal Life Solution From Nationwide Can Help Advisors Give Clients a Balanced Life

    {November 7th, 2011} by Business Wire

    COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The recent market volatility has prompted many advisors to look for life insurance solutions that can help clients achieve their goals while minimizing the impact of market fluctuations. Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. today announced the launch of Nationwide YourLife®Indexed UL, a fixed life product that can offer clients the potential for growth and […]

    Lincoln National's universal life reserves are 'more than adequate': CEO

    {November 7th, 2011} by Darla Mercado

    Responds to fresh scrutiny on reserve calculations By Darla Mercado November 3, 2011 Amid state insurance regulators’ questions on whether carriers are properly reserving against a certain type of universal life insurance, Lincoln National Corp.’s CEO today stressed the insurer has sufficient reserves for its products. State insurance regulators in the National Association of Insurance […]

    The Top 5 Scariest Things About Life Insurance

    {November 7th, 2011} by N/A

    Source: PR Newswire Association LLC Wordcount: 734 DARIEN, Ill., Oct. 31, 2011/PRNewswire/ — Life Quotes, Inc.has compiled a list of the top 5 scariest things about life insurance, calling attention to the importance of going over your life insurance policy with a trusted insurance agent no less than once a year to make sure that […]

    Brian Mann Elected to the NAFA Board of Directors

    {November 7th, 2011} by N/A

    By Partners Advantage Insurance Services Partners Advantage Insurance Services Colton, CA (November 2, 2011) – The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) has elected Brian D. Mann of Huntington Beach, Calif., to join its board of directors during the association’s annual meeting held on Oct. 20 in Boca Raton, Florida. Mann is the Senior Vice […]

    Is The Annuity Your Client Purchased Bad?

    {November 5th, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    By Sheryl Moore AnnuityNews Lately, consumer inquiries through AnnuitySpecs.com have increased exponentially. One topic in particular seems to be at the forefront of these pre-retirees minds over the last six months: “Is the annuity that I am considering bad or good?” This was likely fueled by a recent Barron’s article that I consulted on, “The […]


    {November 5th, 2011} by N/A

    NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. (Nov. 4, 2011) — Members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) today elected its 2012 officers: President: Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin M. McCarty President-Elect: Louisiana Insurance Commissioner James J. Donelon Vice President: North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm Secretary-Treasurer: Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica J. Lindeen The newly […]

    Companies Apply Annuity Balm for Retirement Pain

    {November 5th, 2011} by Linda Koco

    November 02, 2011 By Linda Koco Contributing Editor, AnnuityNews Recent annuity product rollouts are putting the spotlight on retirement income strategies as opposed to the how-much-you-can-accumulate focus of yesteryear, and advisors are of two minds about that. So many of the new annuity debuts mention retirement income that annuity historians may one day call this […]

    ING to Cut 2,700 Jobs as It Announces Improved 3Q Results

    {November 5th, 2011} by Robert O'Connor

    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Reporting improved third-quarter results within a broader climate of economic uncertainty, Netherlands-based global financial services provider ING Group announced the elimination of 2,700 jobs. ING Group announced an underlying third-quarter net result of 1.28 billion euros (US$1.76 billion), up from 835 million euros for the third quarter of 2010. “As income is […]

    SEC Presses for Better Disclosure on VA Living Benefits

    {November 5th, 2011} by Arthur D. Postal

    November 3, 2011 By Arthur D. Postal  WASHINGTON—The Securities and Exchange Commission is paying close attention to the disclosures related to variable annuities that contain living benefit features. These concerns include the disclosures related to VAs with a living benefit feature that use derivatives to enhance yields, about the “guarantees” included in these products, and […]

    Bill would permit penalty-free withdrawals to make mortgage payments

    {November 5th, 2011} by N/A

    Legislation introduced in the Senate (S. 1656) by Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) would allow taxpayers under certain conditions to make penalty-free withdrawals from their retirement accounts to pay mortgage payments with respect to their principal residence. In addition, the bill would also make conforming modifications to the rules governing hardship distributions. A companion measure was […]

    John Hancock Life Insurance Launches New Indexed Universal Life and Premier Life Products

    {November 2nd, 2011} by N/A

    — Indexed UL Offers Cash Value Accumulation Potential With Guaranteed Protection Against Market Downturns — Optional Uncapped Indexed Account Credits Interest Annually Without A Ceiling On The Amount Of Interest Credits — Premier Life Combines Predictable Benefits Of Whole Life With Adaptability Of Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance Policies BOSTON, Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — […]

    Ruth B. Smith Promoted to Executive Vice President of National Life Group

    {November 2nd, 2011} by N/A

    Montpelier, Vermont – Ruth B. Smith has been promoted to the position of executive vice president for protection at National Life Group, it was announced today by Mehran Assadi, president and chief executive officer. Since 2009 Smith has been in charge of the life insurance division of National Life Group, a Fortune 1000 company with […]

    How to sell FIAs in any market

    {November 2nd, 2011} by Karlan Tucker

    By Karlan Tucker Tucker Advisory Group In a diversified portfolio, you get some of the up and some of the down. In the FIA world, you get some of the up and none of the down. To enjoy a successful career in selling fixed indexed annuities, you have to be able to sell them in […]

    AXA Equitable Names New Executive Vice President

    {November 1st, 2011} by N/A

    Copyright: (c) 2011 Journal of India via VerticalNews.com Source: NewsRx Wordcount: 513 AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company announced that Andrea Nitzan has been elected to the position of executive vice president, and that Kenneth Kozlowski and Melisa Waters have been elected to the position of senior vice president. The appointments were confirmed during a recent […]