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  • Pros and Cons of Indexed Universal Life Insurance

    {August 14th, 2015} by Casey Dowd

    According to LIMRA, indexed universal life insurance policy premiums increased 23% in 2014. But financial experts warn this product, which was first introduced in 1997, is not for everyone. Robert Quinlan, the managing member of Quinlan Care LLC, an insurance agency/brokerage firm based in New York, discussed with me the pros and cons of this […]

    Money Fix: what to know about annuities for retirement

    {May 28th, 2015} by SHERYL NANCE-NASH. Special to Newsday

    With so much talk about how unprepared most people are to retire, it’s not surprising that annuities have new appeal. An annuity is an insurance product designed to pay income for a period of time. Typically, you make a lump-sum payment or a series of payments to the seller, often an insurance company. In return, […]

    Interest in indexed life insurance spikes

    {March 24th, 2015} by Tim Grant: tgrant@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1591.

    High-income earners shopping for permanent life insurance are being drawn to indexed universal life insurance, a relatively new type of policy that has a defined death benefit, yet also allows its cash value to reap the rewards of the growth in the S&P 500. “Most people who buy this product look to do a couple […]

    Women Face Higher Stakes In Financial Planning. Here’s What You Can Do

    {July 10th, 2014} by Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Practitioner

    Are you a single woman (widowed, divorced or never married)? If so, your financial planning needs are greater than the average couple or single man. Why? You will live longer than the average man but you typically have less money to do so. In other words, you have “longevity risk.” What can you do about […]

    A Retirement Annuity Strategy That Offers Peace Of Mind

    {July 9th, 2014} by Steve Parrish

    A friend recently told me he’s planning to retire but is worried about his financial ability to do so. When he described his situation, I told him it seemed to me he didn’t have anything to worry about. But, still he’s worried. As luck would have it, I heard a finance professor lecture on retirement […]

    RYAN: As life expectancy grows, annuities gain supporters

    {January 17th, 2014} by J. Brendan Ryan is an East Walnut Hills insurance agent

    What a difference a couple of decades make. It was about that long ago when annuities came under constant fire from the investment community and even from the federal government for being expensive rip-offs. One of the most common observations from the critics was that it was a waste of money to put a tax-favored […]

    5 Cardinal Rules Of Retirement Planning

    {October 21st, 2013} by Glenn A. Herring

    Whether you are currently retired or planning for retirement, there are five cardinal rules investors must follow to provide a stress-free retirement.There is an investment product that will achieve all five of these rules, automatically. Although it has been around for almost two decades, many haven’t heard of it. It is called the Fixed Indexed […]

    Reaching for Retirement

    {April 29th, 2013} by Wade Carter

    A few days ago I had a prospective client, Richard, come in to my office to  discuss his retirement plans. He had no idea what he needed to do to make his  retirement a reality. Almost everyone out there dreams about the last years of  their life being relaxing and carefree but don’t really know […]

    Paycheck or Playcheck: It’s All About The Lifestyle

    {January 4th, 2013} by Michael B. Cratty

    By Michael Cratty Published January 02, 2013 We all want to be able to keep the lifestyle that we have become so accustomed to having while we are working. But, how do we keep that lifestyle going once we retire? Is it even possible? The answer is yes to both. I have a client who […]

    Why You Should Purchase an Equity Indexed Annuity

    {January 4th, 2013} by Joseph Carter Gray, CLU

    By Carter Gray Published January 02, 2013 Sometimes, people can be so afraid of being sold something that they strangle their own deductive reasoning. I had a meeting with a handful of our affiliated agents last week. One of the agents said, “Carter, if people actually understood the mechanics of an Equity Indexed Annuity, everyone […]

    Worst of Times? Best of Times!

    {September 30th, 2012} by Dennis Sweenor

    By Dennis Sweenor Published September 28, 2012 Affected by declining interest rates more than any other group, seniors’ dependent on interest income from investments such as CDs and Treasury Securities find themselves scrambling just to maintain a modest living. Interest rates are at the lowest levels not seen in more than 10 years! Seniors continue […]

    Taming a Bear

    {June 1st, 2012} by Ron Adams

    By Ron Adams Published May 29, 2012 Years ago I trained animals for television and performed stunt work for movies. There were a few movies where you may have seen my face, but I was mostly a stunt double or behind the scenes animal trainer. I worked with the bear you knew as Ben in […]

    Top 50 Annuities

    {June 1st, 2012} by Karen Hube

    SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2012 By KAREN HUBE  Americans are eager to lock in steady retirement income. We pick the best annuities from a dizzying array of choices. When wealth manager Peter D’Arruda talks about the “old days” for annuities, he isn’t talking about the Roman Empire, where these income-generating insurance products were invented and payments […]

    Annuities for 2012 could see even more interest

    {April 1st, 2012} by Henry Steelman

    By Henry Steelman on March 27, 2012 at 2:01 am Annuities are not something that were often talked about in the mainstream media just five years ago. At that point in time, most people were perfectly happy to continue to allow their stock market investments to continue to grow. All of the media was happily […]

    Five things … about investing in a rising-tax environment

    {March 20th, 2012} by N/A

    11:29 PM, Mar. 18, 2012 | The fate of the Bush cuts will likely be decided by a “lame-duck” Congress convening between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2012. If the deadline for the cuts is not extended, the top tax rate on capital gains will rise from 15 to almost 24 percent. The top tax rate […]

    Is an annuity in your future?

    {March 10th, 2012} by Mark Miller

    CHICAGO | Wed Mar 7, 2012 12:02pm EST CHICAGO (Reuters) – You’ve done a good job building your 401(k), and retirement is not far off. The question now: how to make sure that nest egg generates sufficient income to sustain you through a retirement that might last two or three decades. For years, retirement income […]

    Longevity insurance may be for you

    {February 27th, 2012} by J. Brendan Ryan

    5:33 PM, Feb. 24, 2012 | There are a lot of risks for retirees to worry about. There is inflation risk, market risk, interest-rate risk, and many more. But there is another risk that is just recently being talked about: longevity risk. This is the risk that one will live longer than the finances were […]

    Annuities Now Permitted To Be Unleashed in Retirement Plans

    {February 5th, 2012} by Elizabeth Festa

    By Elizabeth Festa February 2, 2012 Retirement, Image Courtesy AP So, you can have your annuities and eat them (or have them feed you for life), too, now.  The life insurance industry got a boon today when the Obama Administration endorsed the use of annuities in retirement plans, but also was affected in a final […]

    Maybe your 401(k) isn’t all it was supposed to be

    {February 4th, 2012} by Susan Moore Vault

    By Susan Moore Vault | Posted: Friday, February 3, 2012 6:00 am “60 Minutes” recently re-aired an installment about 401(k)s and the fact that so many baby boomers are putting off retirement because they’ve lost so much money due to volatility of the markets. If you’re a babyboomer with a 401(k), I urge you to […]

    Why consider an annuity?

    {January 22nd, 2012} by Scott Lunsford

    Jan. 22, 2012  |   Written by Scott Lunsford Are you frustrated with the interest rate your bank is paying you? Can’t quite handle the twists and turns of the stock market? Are you interested in an investment that is paying 3.25 percent and is guaranteed never to pay less than 2 percent? Would access to 10 […]

    Annuities Can Be A Great Way To Invest Safely

    {January 19th, 2012} by N/A

    (RTTNews.com) – In times of market mayhem, annuities can be a safe way to invest your money, especially if you’re eying retirement. An annuity is a financial product sold by financial institutions, such as an insurance company. It is designed to accept and grow funds from an individual and then pay out a stream of […]

    Do You Need an Annuity?

    {January 11th, 2012} by Phil Taylor

    By  Phil Taylor January 6, 2012 For most of us, our 401(k) plan in conjunction with some savvy savings is what we are depending on to fund our golden years.  A few lucky individuals also have a traditional pension, but fewer and fewer people will have this benefit to rely on.  So, how do you […]

    How to Fix Your 401(k) Plan

    {December 4th, 2011} by Dan Kadlec

    By Dan Kadlec | @dankadlec | November 28, 2011 As the traditional pension disappears, the 401(k) plan is evolving into something that one day might actually be just as good. That’s saying a lot. The certainty of monthly income for life, which traditional pensions promise, is a high bar. Meanwhile, 401(k) plans have taken their […]

    59½ or older and still working? Consider a 401(k) rollover

    {December 4th, 2011} by Susan L. Moore Vault

    Posted: Friday, December 2, 2011 7:00 am “The question isn’t at what age I retire, it’s at what income.” – George Foreman, former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and entrepreneur Since the advent of the Defined Contribution Plan – the 401(k) – people have had to deal with choices of various securities: stocks, bonds and mutual […]

    How to Use Annuities for Retirement Income

    {November 27th, 2011} by Phil Moeller

    August 2, 2011 RSS Feed Print With retirement outlooks growing increasingly uncertain, the safety of guaranteed income streams looks more attractive each day. Annuities can provide such guarantees, so let’s take a look at them and consider whether they make sense for you. Simply stated, an annuity is a financial product sold by insurance companies […]

    The ABCs of Annuities

    {October 25th, 2011} by Allianz Life

    Please click here for a video from Allianz on the ABCs of Annuities.

    Life Insurers and Long Distance Relationships

    {October 4th, 2011} by Wendy C. Waugaman

    By Wendy C. Waugaman Published September 29, 2011 | Retirement  Miracle You have known your family insurance agent a long time. He has helped you  with your insurance needs for years, understands your family and  your financial situation. He has always done a good job for you. You like him,  and not just that, you […]

    How Annuities Can Shine in Risky Markets

    {September 12th, 2011} by Phil Moeller

    September 9, 2011 In booming markets in which all investments seem to  move upward, fixed annuities fall by the wayside. Fixed annuities  promise modest returns and may have costly fees. The products offer  guaranteed returns of principal, and thus function in part as a life  insurance policy. But such guarantees can be cheaply secured with  […]

    Bhojwani Says `Boomers’ Buying Annuities for Retirement

    {July 22nd, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Click here for a Washington Post video of Allianz’s Gary Bhojwani discussing “boomers” quest for lifetime income.

    Bhojwani Says `Boomers' Buying Annuities for Retirement

    {July 22nd, 2011} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Click here for a Washington Post video of Allianz’s Gary Bhojwani discussing “boomers” quest for lifetime income.

    RETIRING: Retirees Need Less Stocks, More Annuities

    {July 11th, 2011} by Robert Powell

    By Robert Powell, A DOW JONES COLUMN Less stocks, more annuities. That, in essence, is the advice gleaned from two just-published reports for the benefit of those living in or approaching retirement. Retirees should invest just 5% to 25% of their portfolios in stocks, or at least that’s the case for those whose primary goal […]

    GAO Highlights Annuity Benefits, Policy Recommendations

    {July 6th, 2011} by Sean P. Carr

    WASHINGTON July 05 (BestWire) — A U.S. Government Accountability Office report highlighted the merits of investing in annuity products to protect retirees from outliving their savings in a time of fewer guarantees. The report also encouraged the adoption of policies to promote the growth of annuities. The GAO identified recommendations from industry and consumer sources, […]

    Best Annuities

    {June 20th, 2011} by Karen Hube

    By KAREN HUBE Shortly after George Altmeyer of Bucks County, Pa., retired from his senior-management job at a large industrial company, half his stock portfolio vanished. It was wiped out by the stock-market crash of 2008. But Altmeyer, 67, never lost a night’s sleep, and he doesn’t worry about whether he will run out of […]

    Financial Markets – Financial Writers Called Upon To Practice Financial Reporting With Due Diligence

    {June 1st, 2011} by Steve Salerno

    Media reporting on retirement products is conveniently slanted to reflect the “Wall Street view.” Periodically, when financial writers tire of explaining why their fail-safe prognostications didn’t come to pass, they fall back on another favored hobby: bashing any alternative investing philosophy that diverts money from the stock market. So it is with the latest round […]

    CEO Blog: It’s Time to Stop One-Sided Retirement Planning

    {April 29th, 2011} by Wendy Waugaman

    Published: Thursday, 28 Apr 2011 | 3:27 PM ET By: Wendy Waugaman CEO & President, American Equity Investment Life Holding Company Americans have lost more than $2 trillion in retirement savings in the last three and a half years. A recent AP poll says 42% of Baby Boomers surveyed said they’d delayed retirement due to […]

    The Annuity Imperative

    {April 7th, 2011} by Bob Seawright

    As retirement nears, return of capital must trump return on capital. Research Magazine | April 1, 2011 | By Bob Seawright Retirees and near-retirees often wonder whether they should purchase an annuity to provide sustainable lifetime income — in effect, a guaranteed retirement paycheck — that they cannot outlive. Most do not. That’s often a […]

    Retirement Investing With Annuities–How Consumers Find More Security For Their Retirement Income And Expenses

    {April 6th, 2011} by Randell Jenkins

    04/06/2011 By Randell Jenkins Retirement investing options through annuities have been one of the ways which consumers have found more security when it comes to investing in a way that will allow them to avoid outliving their income, but there are different options for investing in an annuity which individuals must consider for their particular […]

    Retirement Income Market Expands

    {March 25th, 2011} by Danielle Andrus

    Widening age spectrum offers opportunities for advisors Advisor One | March 24, 2011 | By Danielle Andrus, AdvisorOne The market for retirement income products is expanding as more people look for opportunities to replace income in retirement, according to a report released Tuesday by the Financial Research Corporation. There are two components to the growing […]

    Making the Case to Buy an Annuity

    {March 9th, 2011} by Lavonne Keykendall

    Retirees may get more financial security by combining insurance products and mutual funds, some analysts say. By LAVONNE KUYKENDALL Many investors approaching retirement think they have no need for annuities. But the lifetime-income guarantees offered by these insurance-company products can add security to portfolios that are mostly composed of stock and bond mutual funds. A […]

    Fox Business

    {February 23rd, 2011} by N/A

    Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

    The value of annuities

    {January 5th, 2011} by Matthew Taylor

    Published: Wednesday, January 05, 2011, 1:01 AM  By Letters to the Editor  I disagree strongly with Tim Decker’s column: “Consumers beware when it comes to annuities” in Your Money (Dec. 19). Annuities are highly regulated financial products. All annuity contracts must be approved by the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission, with specific provisions and contractual guarantees. A […]

    Weighs in on financial reform

    {December 10th, 2010} by Jean Toillion

    To the editor: The recently signed federal financial reform bill had a significant impact for Iowa’s insurance industry and rural Iowa. A special thanks is owed to Iowa’s congressional delegation for including language that stopped an attempt by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate fixed indexed annuities, which offer guaranteed returns to investors. […]

    Be sure you understand that annuity before buying

    {December 10th, 2010} by Humberto Cruz

    Be sure you understand that annuity before buying By Humberto Cruz, Tribune Media Services 3:53 PM CST, December 9, 2010 The topic of annuities generates much confusion — and passion. In response to a recent column, one annuity seller said I had “seemingly been brainwashed” against index annuities. Another reader considered the column favorable to […]

    Insurance pros pitch annuities as antidote to market downturns

    {October 25th, 2010} by Mark Shoeff, Jr.

    Prudential CEO Strangfeld says Americans may now be more open to annuities to ensure income By Mark Schoeff Jr. October 25, 2010 3:56 pm ET After seeing their retirement savings devastated by the financial crisis, Americans may be more open to annuities as a way to ensure an income stream and protect against market downturns, […]

    Congressional delegation protects jobs

    {October 25th, 2010} by Brent Hoffman

    Oct 14, 2009 | 11:10 am  SIOUX CITY – Kudos should go to members of Iowa’s congressional delegation for helping protect the state’s financial services industry and its jobs. U.S. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin, as well as Congressman Steve King, should be praised for their help in getting a provision into the financial […]

    Consider the tax benefits of annuities in retirement planning

    {October 19th, 2010} by N/A

    – Monday, October 18, 2010 The economic downturn has more Americans concerned with their retirement savings, but many are hesitant to reinvest in the stock market. Recent studies show that older Americans in particular are shying away from traditional stocks and bonds and focusing on building their savings. Young adults, once thought to be more […]

    Letters: Advice on annuities badly out of date

    {October 18th, 2010} by Roy Rosner

    By Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 17 Posted: 9:21 p.m. Friday, Oct. 15, 2010 The Oct. 3 Motley Fool column did a disservice to all readers, but especially to those in or near retirement. The information about annuities (Equity Index, Variable and Lifetime Income) is a decade or more out of date. Modern annuities – those purchased since […]

    The Editor’s Inbox: Power grab was averted

    {September 30th, 2010} by State Senator Merlin Bartz Grafton

    The Editor’s Inbox: Power grab was averted By State Sen. Merlin Bartz Grafton North Iowa Media Group | Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010 12:46 am | The general public might not know what fixed indexed annuities are, but they understand what local jobs are. Had the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission been allowed to regulate […]

    The Editor's Inbox: Power grab was averted

    {September 30th, 2010} by State Senator Merlin Bartz Grafton

    The Editor’s Inbox: Power grab was averted By State Sen. Merlin Bartz Grafton North Iowa Media Group | Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010 12:46 am | The general public might not know what fixed indexed annuities are, but they understand what local jobs are. Had the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission been allowed to regulate […]

    Grassley, Harkin retained Iowa control

    {September 27th, 2010} by Mike Weston

    We are bombarded with stories of politicians who would rather argue and fight than get anything accomplished. Here is one where the cooperation of Sens. Chuck Grassley and Tom Harkin created a win for Iowa. Iowa employs thousands in the financial services industry. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed regulations that would have greatly […]

    The A, B, Cs and 1, 2, 3s of Annuities

    {September 27th, 2010} by Casey Dowd

    By Casey Dowd  “The Boomer” is a column written for adults nearing retirement age and those already in their “golden years.” It will also promote reader interaction by posting e-mail responses and answering reader questions. E-mail your questions or topic ideas to thefoxboomer@gmail.com. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of opting for annuities in your retirement planning. […]

    NAFA video on fixed and indexed annuities

    {September 21st, 2010} by National Association of Fixed Annuities

    NAFA video on fixed and indexed annuities

    Iowa responsible for regulation

    {September 7th, 2010} by Jim Van Fossen

    Iowa responsible for regulation   Jim Van Fossen The Quad-City Times | Posted: Friday, September 3, 2010 2:00 am | Insurance firms all over Iowa breathed a sigh of relief when the federal financial reform bill ruled out regulation of fixed indexed annuities by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Regulation of these insurance products […]

    Letters to the Editor for Aug. 15

    {August 24th, 2010} by Willard Jenkins

    Senators put Iowa, country first Willard Jenkins Former state representative WATERLOO – Thanks to Sens. Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin for their amendment to the recent financial reform bill – an amendment that was very important to Iowa and our insurance industry. Their amendment blocked the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission from treating fixed indexed […]

    CNBC Financial Advisor Network

    {July 1st, 2010} by N/A

    VOICES: Chris Hobart, On Hybrid Annuities

    {June 14th, 2010} by Mike Miliard

    By Mike Miliard   Chris Hobart Chris Hobart, chief executive of Charlotte, N.C.-based Hobart Financial Group, spoke to WSJ Financial Adviser about “supercharging” retirement accounts with fixed-index annuities. Say somebody takes a million dollars and puts half in stocks and half in bonds. If the stock market goes up, you’ve got 50% of your money […]

    What You Need to Know About Annuities

    {June 2nd, 2010} by Philip Moeller

    Be honest. When you see the word “annuity,” does your brain quickly look for an escape route to a more enjoyable topic? That’s OK. I won’t take it personally. And annuities can be tough sledding. But properly understood and used, annuities can be a great addition to a retirement plan. So, arm yourself with your […]

    Fox News Talks About Indexed Annuities

    {April 30th, 2010} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Fox News Talks About Indexed Annuities

    How Safe is a Fixed Annuity?

    {April 29th, 2010} by Peter L. Heimdahl

    Peter L. Heimdahl Published 12/11/2008  Editor’s note: This testimonial from a satisfied annuity owner might be of use to you in your own annuity selling. For years, I have sung the praises of fixed and indexed annuities, ignoring Wall Street financial “experts” who often belittle these products’ supposedly low returns. Let’s compare some long-term financial results: […]

    Why My Fixed Annuity is My Smartest Investment

    {April 29th, 2010} by Peter L. Heimdahl

    Peter L. Heimdahl Published 12/1/2006  I have diligently saved money for retirement, both in a 401(k) plan and post-tax vehicles, for almost 30 years. With a suspicion that my stock/bond fund returns have been substandard, I recently completed an eye-opening analysis of my investments. What appalled me is just how miserably they performed. Let’s face the […]

    Why I love my fixed annuity

    {April 28th, 2010} by Peter Heimdahl

    Sunday, September 17, 2006 This summer, a few misguided financial pundits have questioned the wisdom of buying annuities. Their concerns don’t hold up in the real world. I have diligently saved money for retirement in a 401(k) plan and in post-tax vehicles for almost 30 years. With a sneaking suspicion that my stock and bond […]

    Busting the fixed annuities myth

    {April 13th, 2010} by Harold J. Rogers

    Posted on 13 April 2010 By Hal Rogers     For the last several years the journalistic community has painted a pretty ugly picture of annuities and people who sell them. . From financial journalist Jane Bryant Quinn to the local beat reporter, writers have found annuity bashing to be a good bet to fill an empty page and […]

    Annuities are perfect for some investors

    {March 31st, 2010} by Ric Romero

    Annuities are Perfect for Some Investors LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Annuities do have their advantages, lifetime income, inflation protection, and principle protection among others. On the other hand, expect a lower return on your investment, and your money is often locked in. Even so, one Burbank woman found it to be perfect. Three years ago, […]

    Indexed Annuity Complaints Down Again for 2009

    {March 16th, 2010} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Click here for a PDF of this article, which is also located at Indexed Annuity Complaints Down Again for 2009.

    Seminars focus on healthy, wealthy, wise seniors

    {February 18th, 2010} by Gene Stowe

    By GENE STOWE Tribune Correspondent Andy Garza and Elisa Lawrence of Garza Lawrence Tax Advisory Group have collaborated with other experts to start regular Community Health and Wealth seminars aimed at older adults. The seminars, also featuring author Karen Bachert and health coach Cindy Cohen, include a growing list of exhibitors, such as Natural Touch […]

    Obama administration will promote the use of annuities to fund retirements

    {February 1st, 2010} by N/A

    Reports in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe this week drive home the message that the Obama administration has come to the conclusion that one of the easiest and most pragmatic ways to boost retirement savings and provide a more secure retirement income for American’s is to encourage the use of annuities. […]

    The Unloved Annuity Gets a Hug From Obama

    {January 29th, 2010} by Ron Lieber

    January 30, 2010 Your Money The Unloved Annuity Gets a Hug From Obama Annuities: The official retirement vehicle of the Obama administration. As slogans go, it’s hardly “Keep Hope Alive,” or even “Change We Can Believe In.” But there were annuities, in a report from the administration’s Middle Class Task Force that came out this […]

    A primer on GLWBs, Pt. I

    {December 31st, 2009} by Randy Timm

    Over the past several months, a number of insurance carriers have made significant changes to their income riders or have pulled income riders from their annuity lineup altogether. In light of these changes, how prepared are you to continue providing income rider options to your clients? In this section of my annuity notebook, I provide […]

    Study: FIA Returns “Competitive”

    {December 31st, 2009} by Linda Koco

    A new study on index annuity performance is countering some negative conclusions about this performance that have been circulating. The negative conclusions have appeared in both in theoretical academic papers and in articles in the popular press, contend David F. Babbel, Geoffrey VanderPal and Jack Marrion in research findings the three have posted online at […]

    Anatomy of an Annuity Buyer

    {December 31st, 2009} by Howard J. Stock

    By Howard J. Stock September 18, 2009 Annuities sell, but who’s buying? Middle-class Americans, according to a new Gallup Organization/Mathew Greenwald & Associates poll of 1,003 annuity owners. Eight out of 10 annuity holders have annual household incomes of less than $100,000, the poll found, and almost half of respondents (42%) brought in less than […]

    CDs vs deferred fixed annuities: Which one for you?

    {December 31st, 2009} by Cozey W. Baker Jr.

    Money Matters By Cozey W. Baker Jr. You can’t turn on the news today without hearing fresh reminders of the turmoil in the markets and the broader economy. In this uncertain climate, many people are anxious to try to find a safe place for their savings. Two popular options are certificates of deposit (CDs) and […]

    Fixed Annuities: Everything Old is New Again

    {December 31st, 2009} by Jon Greenberg

    By Jon Greenberg on Tuesday, September 15, 2009. When stocks tumbled at the end of 2008, it made a lot of casual investors gun shy. They discovered that their appetite for risk was lower than they had thought. The market being what it is, there were people ready to make a buck to meet the […]

    Gallup Poll: Annuities Provide Greater Retirement Security for Middle-Class

    {December 31st, 2009} by Sheryl J. Moore

    Gallup Survey Finds Annuities Provide Greater Retirement Security for Middle-Class Americans To download the 2009 Gallup Survey, go to: http://annuity-insurers.org/annuities.aspx WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Results from a Gallup survey released today demonstrate that non-qualified annuities contribute significantly to the retirement security of middle-class Americans, and that those who own annuities have great confidence in […]