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Catherine M. Andrews

This Market Research Maven is on the job!

Cathy, Market Research Maven is the Wink team member who has known Sheryl J. Moore the longest. They have known each other since TLC “didn’t want no scrubs,” and she is definitely the most easygoing person you will ever meet! While she is just as likely to be seen at Hamilton as she is at a Ludacris concert, she is also the gal you’ll see kayaking and roller skating in her natural habitat. Intrigued? We’ve got the deets on her, here.

  • She is responsible for the customer service and support at Wink
  • She was Sheryl J. Moore ’s first friend in the insurance business; they’ve been besties ever since
  • She was hired to fill the Wink position that was left open by her own daughter
  • She is a grandma- believe it!
  • She is the Queen of Customer Service, always having served on a phone team answering questions about things like annuities, life insurance, agent licensing, commissions, and more
  • She is also a “Coupon Queen,” and won’t buy anything without a coupon, unless it is on sale BIG TIME
  • She used to work as a case manager for annuity products, service, and new business for an elite group of agents (in other words, she was an annuity concierge to the stars!)
  • She is more likely to be seen in a sand volleyball pit these days, than she is a softball diamond- where she spent her school days
  • She has the Associate, Annuity Products and Administration (AAPA) designation from the Life Office Management Association (LOMA), which is owned by the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA)- WHEW! What a mouthful!
  • She has a son that lives in Heaven, just like Sheryl J. Moore
  • She is no joke, having been a Series 6-licensed Registered Representative so that she could support variable annuities
  • She has a 16-year spread between her first daughter’s birth and her last daughter’s birth
  • She has long practiced speaking in front of a mirror because of her past participation in Dale Carnegie courses
  • She has a love of garage sales, and you can frequently find her vehicle at just about any thrift store
  • She is the Wink employee most likely to get up from her desk and do squats for 15 minutes
  • She grew up a HUGE fan of the Chicago Cubs, having lived in Illinois
    The only person she compares herself to is the person she was yesterday
  • She organizes Wink’s volunteering events; having participated in and fundraised for a magnitude of company-sponsored events at the two home offices she was previously employed by
  • She had aspirations of being a nurse before getting involved in life insurance and studied for her LPN for three years
  • She is coming up on her 25-year anniversary of working in the insurance industry
  • She has an obsession with music, having been to dozens upon dozens of concerts- from Air Supply to the Zach Brown Band
  • She used to work the drive-thru at Little John’s Burgers and still loves their food to this day
  • A past trip to Belize has her dreaming of vacations and traveling constantly
  • She spearheaded the Wink project to make all marketing materials, regulatory filings, and rates/states sheets available to AnnuitySpecs subscribers

Cathy’s Word of Inspiration

“The reason that I carry an umbrella is fo’ drizzle.”  –Snoop Dogg