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Jason J. Pierce

He’ll pierce your heart, with his giving heart and works for Habitat for Humanity.

Jason, Connoisseur of Code is the most quick-witted and smart-alecky of the Wink team, nearly worked as a geographic information systems technician in high school. What?!? He lives for Thai Red Curry but is just as likely to be caught geeking out on Rosetta Stone with the language of the month. Has our VP of Engineering piqued your interest? Wonder no more!

  • He handles the day-to-day troubleshooting of WinkIntel.com for the Wink staff
  • He lived on the west coast when Wink hired him, but he attended Iowa State University
  • He taught himself the programming language “C++” in high school, and then dabbled with other languages outside of school as well
  • He moved to Iowa for college, from New York, when he was only 17 years old
  • He once had to teach himself a 30-year-old programming language, called “TcL,” just to help a consulting client
  • He is a BOSS at archery and leatherworking (Sheryl J. Moore foresees a handbag collaboration in the future…)
  • He is the only person working at Wink who did not have prior experience working for a company in the life insurance industry
  • He has an entire closet full of…board games
  • He contemplated majoring in Philosophy and Creative Writing, rather than Biology and Computer Science
    Be prepared for a snappy comeback when you speak around this guy!
  • He loves sour candies, but unlike Sour Patch Kids, he isn’t sour first (just sweet)
  • His first major programming undertaking with Wink was something Sheryl J. Moore had dreamt of for 17 years
  • He is crazy about his wife and baby girl, and sits through tons of children’s movies simply because of his love for them
  • He has never been fired from a job (and would like to continue that streak!)
  • He has a cat with the same name as Sheryl J. Moore‘s oldest child
  • He worked with Wink’s  Chief of the Techie Stuff at another company, prior to Wink snatching him away
  • He studied French for three years but prefers English when interacting with his colleagues at work (because no one else can speak French here) 
  • He has only been to the Wink office a single time

Jason’s Words of Inspiration

“We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their acts.”  –Harold Nicolson


“Wink exceeds expectations not only by maintaining a wealth of well-presented information on the Wink website, but also through their professional and personalized approach in responding to questions."

-J. Barnett, Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation