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Rita M. Holtz

What can we say about one of the most experienced insurance professionals at Wink?!

Rita, Rates Wrangler Extraordinaire solicited a charitable contribution out of our CEO faster than any fundraiser in our history due to her love for volunteering at nonprofits. She specifically asked if she could take vacation the week of the Iowa State Fair before she was even hired (like food-on-a-stick much?!?). This former marketing support expert is ready to deliver when it comes to Wink’s participation rates, caps, spreads, fixed rates, and more. Think your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) helps in your job? This gal may well give you a run for your money. Check it out:

  • She is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the rates on the Wink website, so you can thank her for all that accuracy business!
  • She switches between being right-handed, and left-handed, depending on the task
  • She is the woman in-charge-of rate changes, state approvals, and more for Wink’s analysis tools
  • She and Wink’s CEO,  both worked for the company that put indexed life on-the-map
  • She is sweet but allergic to honey
  • She loves gaming and prefers her games on Facebook
  • She loves fishing! If you challenged her to a fish-cleaning contest, she would leave you begging for mercy
  • She worked for four different companies without ever leaving her job, over a 25-year span!
  • She has never lived outside of Iowa, and today lives less than five minutes from her childhood home
  • She started in the insurance business when Sheryl J. Moore was in junior high
  • She once sprayed the CEO of an insurance company’s hair green, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day
  • Like several other teammates at Wink, she has worked in customer service; but unlike most of her peers, she started in New Business
  • She will not eat any food that touches any other food, on her plate
  • She has worked for a Field Marketing Organization (FMO), providing a different perspective to service at Wink
  • She is quite literally a much pickier eater than Sheryl (not a small task!)
    She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse but not enough to get him tattooed on her TWICE!
  • She remembers when indexed life was invented; two years later, her employer joined the market, making her one of the first people to work in the IUL industry
  • She loves rain, but cannot stand storms
  • At one time, she was asked to do systems testing because she had a reputation for being able to break things
  • She used to work on the same floor in the building where Sheryl first started in the insurance industry
  • She likes to keep her colleagues motivated by “cheerleading” with Scrabble tiles
  • She is one of only two Wink employees that does not own an annuity
  • She would love to play with a reptile, over a furry domesticated animal, any day of the week

Rita’s Words of Inspiration

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  –Les Brown”