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He is by far, the fastest member of the Wink, Inc. team.

Pepperwinkle, the Italian Greyhound, has been a full-time member of the Wink analysis team for years. He is thin as can be but runs 25 miles per hour. Facinated to learn more about the intelligent Italian Greyhound? Read on.

  • Pepperwinkle is the pet pooch of Wink’s founder, Sheryl J. Moore
  • He never barked, yelped, or made a noise…until he met Sheryl’s husband’s Golden Labrador, Buddy
  • This dog is easily influenced by rawhide chews
  • Italian Greyhounds are known to suffer from separation anxiety, which is why Pepper often accompanies Sheryl to the office
  • Originally from the Raleigh area of North Carolina- Pepperwinkle flew to Omaha, Nebraska, and then endured a two-hour drive to Des Moines, Iowa at ten weeks of age
  • The name “Pepperwinkle” was thought up by a former Wink employee, prior to the new puppy’s arrival
  • Sheryl has Pepperwinkle’s clothes custom-made by an Italian Greyhound clothing company, Spoiled Bratzwear
  • Called “Pepper” for short; the Italian Greyhound’s given name is “Paulo Christiano Matteo Moore,” which means “little Christian gift of God”
  • You are likely to gain Pepperwinkle’s interest if your uniform says “FedEx,” “UPS,” or “USPS”
  • Although none of the other Moore dogs wear clothing, Pepperwinkle has surprisingly little hair, and must, therefore, be equipped with coats, jackets, and shirts much of the year in Des Moines
  • Do not be alarmed if you receive a French kiss from this Italian Greyhound; he is multi-lingual! 
    Someone has to keep an eye on the kooky Wink staff!
  • Pepper has his own rocking chair in Sheryl’s office, and you can usually find him below a mass of blankets
  • He has his own fan club amongst the many bank drive-throughs in the Des Moines metro area
  • His favorite pastime is hugging and kissing his mom, Sheryl
  • He nearly died from an autoimmune disease known as “white dog shaker syndrome” at one year and one day of age
  • He may occasionally attempt to join teleconferences, but he is more likely to lick empty yogurt cups on desks, should the desk inhabitant leave for a restroom break
  • He likely has more nicknames than any of his peers: Peppy, Pepper, Bubby, Ninja, Ninjy, Iggy, and more

Pepper’s Words of Inspiration

Dogs are miracles with paws. ~Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy