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Sheryl J. Moore

They call her the “Rockstar.”

Sheryl J. Moore, Chief Storyteller is the ORIGINAL member of Wink’s analysis team and has been at this for a long time. She’s obsessive-compulsive to a fault and never happy if she’s not twirling 20 plates at once. Want to know MORE about Ms. Moore?

  • She is the founder, creator, & CEO of Wink, Inc. and Moore Market Intelligence
  • She is an ice cream connoisseur and dreams of opening an ice cream shop in retirement
  • She is also President & CEO of her consulting company, Moore Market Intelligence, which provides:
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Market research
    • Product development
    • Insight on the annuity and life insurance markets
  • She has been referred to by her friends as “Sheryl Barrel” since kindergarten
  • AND she is President & CEO of a real estate investment firm, Moore Quality Investments
  • She is fanatical about the Beastie Boys, Burberry, and insurance products
  • She co-authored The Encyclopedia to Indexed Products: Annuity and Life
  • She is a Navy brat and has attended more than a dozen schools
  • She has published 500+ articles on indexed life and/or indexed annuity products in the following industry trade journals, newspapers, and magazines:
    • Advisor Magazine
    • Allstate Financial’s The Edge
    • Agent Sales Journal
    • Annuity News
    • Best’s Review
    • BestWire
    • Bloomberg News
    • Broker World
    • Consumer Reports
    • Cyber Insurance News
      She has a tattoo suit on underneath her real suit!
    • The Des Moines Business Record
    • The Des Moines Register
    • Financial Advisor
    • Forbes
    • Huffington Post
    • Ignites
    • InsuranceBroadcasting
    • InsuranceNewsNet
    • InsuranceNewsNet Magazine
    • Insurance Selling
    • Investment News
    • Life Annuity Specialist
    • Life Insurance Selling
    • NAILBA Perspectives
    • NAILBA’s The Independent
    • National Underwriter
    • The New York Times
    • ThinkAdvisor
    • Producers Web
    • Senior Market Advisor
    • ThinkAdvisor
    • Wall Street Journal
  • She loves gardening to de-stress
  • She was recognized with the exclusive and distinguished honor of “High Forensic Skill as an Orator” by the Buckley School of Public Speaking
  • She has two young sons, two adult daughters, an eldest son in Heaven, two dogs, and a husband that works as hard as she does
  • She works closely with legislators and regulators
    • Regularly assists the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
    • Serves as a resource on insurance distribution, marketing, product development, and training
    • Actively participates in the rule-making process for life insurance and annuity products
    • Her research has been presented to Congress to lead industry efforts in thwarting 151A
  • She is a cinephile; she’s obsessed with movies (particularly anything with Will Farrell or Andy Samberg in it)
  • She has served on the Board of Directors for numerous non-profit organizations, including the Society for Annuity Facts and Education (SAFE)
  • She has nearly 40 pairs of sequined and/or glittered Converse All-Star shoes
  • She spent nearly a decade working in insurance company home offices:
    • Telephone customer service
    • Marketing/sales desk
    • Illustration software development
    • Market research/competitive intelligence
    • Product development/ product management
  • She is a licensed life insurance agent but has never sold a single case
  • She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Grandview University with a degree in Political Science/Pre-Law
  • She couldn’t go out partying on graduation night because her friends snuck into her apartment and messed up everything that was alphabetized, color-coded, or in some other logical order; she had to stay home and “fix” it all first
  • She holds numerous designations in the field of insurance services
  • She was captain of her cheerleading squads in high school and college
  • She does not endorse any company or financial product

Sheryl’s Words of Inspiration

“I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.” -Ron Burgundy (a.k.a. Will Ferrell), “Anchorman”