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Peter J. Lamond

The first bloke to be researching annuities at Wink.

Peter is Wink’s VA Ambassador and the only thing more impressive than his knack for variable annuities (VAs) is his Australian accent. While he isn’t the first man to brave Wink’s day-to-day operations, he has more experience than most of the Wink staff combined. Duly-licensed and ready to take on the world, this Aussie is mixing things up at Wink. Want to get the skinny on the man with the VA insights?

  • He is our product director for variable annuities
  • He has played rugby for 25 years
  • He spent 18 years with a Fortune 500 home office that is a leader in VA sales
  • He is fixated on Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, and Tim McGraw
  • He has extensive experience with illustration software
  • He once played little league Australian Rules Football in front of 85,000 people
  • Is the second member of the Wink team to use the AnnuitySpecs tool, prior to being employed by Wink
  • He has 14 cousins in New Zealand
  • Has embraced the task of researching nearly 400 VAs, and placing them on the AnnuitySpecs tool
  • His favorite author is Tom Clancy
  • He is the fourth member of the Wink team to begin their insurance career within an insurers’ home office
  • He has played for rugby clubs in Australia, Canada and the US, including Omaha, Monterey, Newport Beach and Fort Lauderdale
  • He can read a prospectus like nobody’s business
  • He barracks for the Dodgers, Clippers, Raiders (sorry Tori!) and the Cornhuskers
  • He works remotely from Costa Mesa, California
  • He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia
    The first bloke with enough product expertise to hang with the Wink ladies!
  • He is assisting the Wink team in designing a VA system that will crush the competition
  • He is the third member of the Wink team to serve as a coach for youth athletics, in this case- rugby is his sport-of-choice
  • He has his Series 6 and Series 63 licenses
  • He once drove from Alberta, Canada to Florida for a mate’s wedding
  • Has expertise in all types of annuities
  • He has two teenage kids that keep him on his toes, in addition to an Australian Shepherd named “Beaut”
  • He is the first person that Sheryl J. Moore has hired with an established reputation in the competitive intel community

Peter’s Words of Inspiration

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.”  –Beverly Sills