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Talia C. Chaffee

You’ll never meet a person with more punny friends than this gal!

Talia, is our Product Specspert, Knower of Important Things. Her passion for one-liners is fueled by the likes of “The Big Lebowski,” “Anchorman,” “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” “Labyrinth,” and “The Princess Bride.” This former Arizonian is steadfastly dedicated to volunteering for her children’s school. Already fascinated with this fantastic female? Inquire within!

  • She identifies annuity products that are not yet housed on WinkIntel.com and assembles the necessary product specifications
  • Talia and her husband introduced Iowa’s first commercial sensory deprivation tank facility
  • She is not limited to the insurance space with her professional skills; photography and graphic design are also in her wheelhouse
  • She is the woman in charge of product changes, commission changes, and more for Wink’s analysis tools
  • She shares her house with one husband, two daughters, two cats, one dog, two fish, one snake, and eight chickens
  • She’s the third Wink employee, who was previously a Wink customer
  • She used to raise and show, horses
  • She maintains Wink’s network library, housing marketing materials, rates, filings, and other product-specific information on nearly 200 insurance companies
  • She once flew on the Red Baron stunt plane
  • She is an expert troller…of the internet, that is! Talia frequently searches the web for Wink’s competitive intel
  • She is a foodie and also loves to cook
  • She updates the financial strength ratings of the 200 companies that are housed in Wink’s systems
  • Her favorite funny-man is Bill Hicks
  • In her previous employment, Talia assisted in the product management for a company offering more annuities than any other insurer in the industry
  • She loves watching live music, so it is no surprise that her husband is a musician
    She’s an apple wrangler, moderately-talented gopher-chucker, and amateur pun-maker extraordinaire!
  • If you are impressed with the accuracy of the website, you can thank Talia for all of her diligent work auditing our tools
  • In her free time, she loves horseback riding, hiking, hunting for wild mushrooms, cooking, gardening, reading, and making Sheryl J. Moore laugh
  • Because of her background in competitive intelligence, she has relationships with hundreds of insurance companies

Talia’s Words of Inspiration

“We are all inclined to judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their acts.”  –Harold Nicolson