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Daniele A. Longo

She got her experience working for a small business, rather than a big home office!

Daniele Longo, Maestro of Web Design & App Magic spends her days hustling up a robust website design at Wink and used to translate Portuguese documents into English for a side hustle. Interestingly, instead of slinging code, she once contemplated becoming a flight attendant! Want to hear more about the Brazilian transplant? Read on.

  • She is responsible for overseeing the user interface of all things Wink, ensuring that our customers have a wicked awesome experience
  • Her husband of two decades is a chef, who cooks for his customers, his neighbors, and everyone in between
  • She leverages data and user insights, just like the market researchers at Wink, but she uses them to enhance the design of Wink’s platform
  • She was born and raised in The Concrete Jungle, a.k.a. Sào Paulo, Brazil
  • She worked as a creative director and marketing graphic designer (specializing in print, digital, and motion graphics), prior to joining the Intel Pros
  • Her family is massive, with one parent having 12 siblings and the other having 17; there are too many cousins to count 
  • She broke into the software engineering space, after discovering JavaScript while exploring how to code animation expressions in Adobe After Effects
  • She moved to the USA at the age of 15 and mastered the English language by reading the dictionary
  • She learned HTML and CSS, by building custom email marketing campaigns
  • Her creativity stems from observing her mother, a seamstress, and drawing the clothing that she created for her clients
  • Just a few years ago, she transitioned to software engineering by dominating with JavaScript frameworks
    She works in a cloffice- a closet made into an office!
  • Her fur baby was the impetus of her career in coding; he inspired her to develop an application to track his insulin injections
  • She is the mother of twins and has two boys as well
  • Her experience in construction tech and advertising tech inspired Wink’s management to interview her
  • Her youngest son has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which has taught her lessons in compassion, resilience, and inclusion
  • She has become besties with tools like Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud Apps, and Visual Studio Code
  • She is a lover of animated flicks, and can often be seen crying over emotional films

Daniele’s Words of Inspiration

“You have to be able to listen to other voices, even when they don’t agree with you. They make us stronger, more creative, more inspired.” -Queen Poppy (a.k.a. Anna Kendrick), Trolls



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